Renovation Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Renovation Ideas to Add Value to Your HomeWhether you are looking to upgrade your home while you are living in it, or you simply want to upgrade it to add value for resale, renovating your home can add value and aesthetically pleasing elements. The problem can be that some people look to upgrade their home with improvements that don’t truly upgrade the value of the home itself.

If you are looking to save money and one day recoup the money you’ve invested in your home it’s important to not only make additions, but additions that are worth the time and effort you put in.

Here are some renovating tips that will add value to your home.

More Windows

Adding windows to your home can add a few dimensions that are highly appreciated in resale value. First, they open up your living space and make the house look more spacious. Secondly, the also add more light to your home, which can be helpful during the changing seasons throughout the year. Homes that lack appropriate windows or outdoor lighting often look smaller and more claustrophobic, decreasing the value for them.

Adding windows to your home can vary in difficulty, depending on your space available. If you have an open wall, a window addition can be simple assuming there are beams in the area that you want to install them. And even though smaller areas can be more difficult to add windows to, it is still a relatively easy project that will add value to the home.

Home Office

If you already have an extra room that you aren’t using productively, consider the other ways that you could use it to increase the value of your home. One idea is to turn that unused room into a new home office. Even if you don’t work from home, a home office adds aesthetic appeal to a home. A home office is also a great place to go and relax, away from other rooms in your home that may be used for other purposes.

Inside of your home office, be sure to have a large desk that is the main focal point of the room. From there, you can also have a chair, book shelves and more. An office renovation takes minimal effort, aside from adding new furniture to your home.

Nonetheless, it can increase the overall value of your home, making it a easy and valuable addition to your home.

New Kitchen or Bathroom

Often times when people think of adding value to their home through a renovation, their first thought is to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom. It is for a good reason that these are two of the most popular improvements to make. First, if you are still living in a home, than a new kitchen or bathroom can make it feel as if you are living in an entirely new home with just a few changed rooms.

However if you are planning to move, new fixtures in your kitchen can be a focal point that people will first look to when purchasing a new home. Added bathroom additions also are highly valued upon home buyers, no matter if they are in the master bath or throughout the rest of the home.

By adding a new fridge or microwave in the kitchen or new faucets a new toilet in the bathroom, you can have an entirely different looking room in your home that will really stand out and add value.

Deck or Sunroom

There are few better ways to improve your home, than by adding on to its square footage. You can do this by adding a sunroom to your home. If you live in a climate where a sunroom is less logical, then a deck addition can add to the living space that you have.

A sunroom may require a bit more detail and effort when adding to your home, but neither project is overwhelming or impossible. Instead, the effort that is put into building a deck or sunroom will add size to your home and both options are highly sought out by home buyers.

New Flooring

New flooring can add a beautiful touch to your home throughout hallways and in rooms. One thing to keep in mind about new flooring is that it doesn’t have to be in every room, but instead just in high traffic areas that you want to stand out from the rest of the house.

Also, if you have a deck, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and it has concrete flooring, you can easily use concrete floor polishing to keep up the look of the outside of your home. Cleaning hardwood floors, both in and out, are typically easier to clean. This makes them more desirable, and a rich colored floor can look really beautiful in a home.

And in case of uneven floor, It may be difficult to tell whether or not your floor is sloped or uneven. That is why it is important to examine your home and check for other signs of foundation failure, such as: wall cracks, floor cracks, sticking doors and windows, settled porch or stoop, and water leakage. If you notice any of these signs in your home, contact a foundation repair company.


Painting is another simple addition that you can use to renovate your home. Painting, like flooring, doesn’t have to be completed in every room. Instead, you can paint certain rooms in your home to add flair and style to those areas. Painted homes also add variety to your home, making it stand out more than your typical mono-colored homes.

A few simple changes to your home can have some major effects. Not only do home renovations make living in your home more enjoyable, but it also adds resale value for long-term plans. Consider the tips on this list for easy value adding renovations to your home.


Phil Towns is the owner of Perth Concrete Polishing company, Cubic 8.

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