Removing Red Wine Stains Off Wedding Outfits

Removing Red Wine Stains Off Wedding  OutfitsWedding is a time of celebration. And sometimes we tend to think too much about partying that we commit blunders at the hype of our merry-making. One of the common mishaps that usually happen in weddings is when someone has accidentally poured red wine into their lovely dress.

Since red wine can create permanent stains on bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and even wedding guests dresses, it’s best that you should know these helpful tips in removing red wine stains off the wedding outfits.

Things To Prepare:

– A glass of lukewarm water

– 2 face towels (just in case you might need to other one if the stain is hard to remove)

– Paper towel

– Blow dryer

Steps In Removing The Red Wine Stains Off Your Bridal Gown:

1. Prepare a face towel and slowly wet it with lukewarm water. Make sure that only a part of the towel is dampened. Squeeze out the remaining water.

2. Inspect the stained area before applying the wet towel. If the stain is lighter in color, then it can be easily removed. However, if the stain is dark then you have to repeat the removal process again until the stain is completely gone. Apply the wet towel gently into the stained area starting from the outer portion then slowly working your way in. Then get a paper towel and press it on the stained area to allow the moisture to be absorbed by the towel and removing the red stain.

3. Once the red wine stain is removed, dry the spot using a hair dryer. Make sure not to place the dryer directly into the spot as there’s a tendency that the fabric of the gown might get burned. Place the dryer at least a 1 to 1 ½ feet apart from the stain area just enough to let the warm air pass through.

NOTE: This process will only work on newly stained dresses. Old stains will have to be removed using other removal methods.

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