Protect Your Vehicle with a GPS Security Device

Protect Your Vehicle with a GPS Security DeviceVehicle security is a serious concern. To many people, their vehicle has a greater value than its dollar amount.  A vehicle enables you to do more, whether for business or pleasure. Your car may be unique or highly collectable; it might have a lot of aftermarket customizations added to it that cannot be easily replaced.

No matter what your reason for wishing to secure your vehicle, there are specialized security devices that can help you. A car gps tracker is a small investment compared to the expense and heartache that can come along with having to replace a lost or stolen vehicle.

Is a vehicle tracker really necessary?

Each year thousands of cars are stolen. Current estimates state that a vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds! The National Insurance Crime Bureau states that approximately 1.2 million vehicles were stolen in 2006 but as of 2004 only 13% of thefts ended in someone being arrested. There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles that are entirely unaccounted for. Rates of auto theft are on the rise in the western United States and states such as California, Arizona, and Washington appear on the list of states with the highest number of reported vehicle thefts. Though expensive, rare, and valuable cars are frequent targets for thieves, many of the vehicles most often stolen are four door sedans from the mid-1990s. Anyone is a potential target and a GPS tracking device can help keep you from becoming a statistic.

How does a tracker work?

Gps devices work by connecting with a network of satellites that triangulate the device’s precise location. The data relayed through the satellite network can track movement in addition to position. Many devices are monitored through a security agency that communicates directly with the owner of the vehicle. This enables security agents to contact law enforcement as soon as any unauthorized use of the vehicle is detected.

Adding a tracker to your vehicle

Most of the people who purchase a car gps tracker for security reasons choose a device that is powered by the vehicle’s own electrical system. These trackers are hardwired into the system and should be installed and removed by experienced mechanics. Unlike battery powered trackers, these do not need to be recharged at any point. They will continue to operate so long as there is power available.

Battery powered trackers are a good option for short-term security needs. For instance, if you would like to know where your teen driver is spending time or if you want to cut down on unauthorized use of company fleet vehicles than it may not be necessary to install a hardwired tracker in a vehicle. Battery powered trackers provide the same kind of data. The life span of a fully charged battery will depend on the model you get; as a general rule the larger a tracker is the greater its battery life. Some models are motion activated and can operate on a minimum of power when not in motion; full operation begins when the tracker senses motion.

Vehicle security is a concern for every car owner and it might be the case that standard precautions are not sufficient to protect your particular vehicle. You can greatly enhance your car’s security through the use of GPS tracking devices.

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