Home Office Design Tips For Small Spaces And Smaller Budgets

Home Office Design Tips For Small Spaces And Smaller BudgetsYour office is an important space. It’s where you spend a huge chunk of your life, earn the money to clothe your family, and make your career dreams a reality. Surely, a setting of this significance deserves to be special–a place where you can be the best version of yourself.

The good news is that creating a home office oasis does not have to cost a fortune. Nor does it have to take up a lot of room. By following a few tips and tapping into your inner Martha Stewart, you can create a filet mignon space on a hamburger budget. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Opt for frugal furnishings

Brand new home office furnishings will make a serious dent in your budget, so why not opt for previously enjoyed items instead? You can purchase a used desk, filing cabinet, or printer table from a number of suppliers. You may already have an old dresser, an armoire, or a small table that can be easily re-purposed into a desk.

Using this sort of eclectic piece will not only save you money, but it can create a unique and interesting look. An armoire, for instance, can house your entire office in one place.

Color it beautiful

An inexpensive way to create a whole new look is with paint. Whether you opt for soothing subtle shades or bright and cheery tones, a lick of latex can give a tired space a whole new face. You may even want to add a company logo or words of inspiration to a focal wall.

A touch of paint in a coordinating shade can also breathe new life into old furnishings. Think outside the box and enjoy yourself.

Have fun with fabric

Whether your style is funky or sophisticated, the right fabric can put your own personal stamp on your office space. If you have opted to work from a spare closet, you can use a drape of material to hide your clutter when your workday is done.

You can create inexpensive wall art by framing swatches of patterned cloth.

Did you get a great deal on an office chair that came in a hideous color? No problem. Simply create covers for the seat and back and–voila–you’ll have a brand new chair. And fabric stores always have great deals on remnants that will work wonderfully on smaller refurbishments.

Get crafty with clutter

There is no need to invest in expensive organizers and desk accessories, especially when you have things around your house that can do the same thing–and look good doing it.

Use a favorite mug or cup as a pen holder. Cover the bottom half of a Pringles container with fabric or scrapbooking paper and use it to hold scissors and other utensils. Woven baskets can be converted into “in” and “out” bins. Opt for inexpensive bankers’ boxes for your larger storage needs.

Don’t forget to check out the storage containers at your local dollar store. And, again, get creative and have a good time.

Make it your own

For many people, this is the most enjoyable part of putting a home office together–the accessorizing. Find objects that will pull the room together and make it a place that you want to spend time in. Borrow things from the rest of the home that will inspire you, make you feel happy, and add interest to the space. Don’t include too many accessories, however, as you do not want to create clutter. In a small office space, less truly is more.

Creating a usable utopia does not have to come with a huge price tag and a massive migraine. Nor will you have to evict your first born from their bedroom. With a little imagination, a minor investment, and a healthy dose of ingenuity, you can make a beloved space of your own. Get creating.

What clever home office design ideas can you share?

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