Guidelines in Choosing Decorative Lighting

Guidelines in Choosing Decorative LightingLighting is a fundamental element of home, and without it, no amount of elaborate architecture and design could work. That said, it is essential to look into the quality of lighting that you select for your house.

The decorative side of lighting

And while you may be more familiar with the functional side of lighting, it would also be helpful to consider its decorative aspect as these light fixtures do occupy a huge portion of the aesthetic space in your home. Choosing lights for functional purposes can be easy as you only have to see to it that the needs of the room are met by the particular lights that you install in it.

Decorative lights, on the other hand, generally require a certain level of designing aptitude; they have to match other elements in the room such as the furniture and fixtures, color schemes, and the overall theme. If you are convinced that you cannot achieve this endeavor independently, then your best bet would be to hire a professional interior designer.

Choosing without the help of a professional designer

But for the most part, choosing decorative lights for home shouldn’t be a Herculean task. Here are the general guidelines that you can follow in order to make reasonable choices in picking decorative lighting for home:

1. Make sure that the light fixture’s size is proportionate to the size of the room.

It can be really tempting to bag that charmingly elaborate chandelier which you want to install in your bedroom, but if it’s too big and you know it’s about half the size of the room, then it’s not for you. Fixtures that are too big or occupy majority of the aesthetic space in a room usually make it look cramped and will make small spaces even smaller.

2. Choose decorative lighting that will also illuminate the room sufficiently.

The point may be to prettify or add a visually interesting element, but functionality should never take a backseat. There is, however, a compromise to this. Like for example, if you just ordered gorgeous lights made in Italy that are definitely a head-turner but are a bit low on illumination, you can use these as ambient lights instead. Directional lighting plus ambient lights altogether does wonders to any room; providing function, and adding that much-needed drama to it.

3. See to it that your decorative lights enhance your home’s overall interior design, and not contradict it.

When picking a decorative lighting fixture for your home, make sure that it adheres to the design theme that you had chosen beforehand. Say, your house possesses the qualities of a modern home, in that case don’t buy accessories and decors that belong to the Victorian era as the entire concept would only appear confused and your fixtures totally out of place.

4. Take advantage of layered lighting.

As earlier mentioned, you can mix different light sources especially if a single one won’t suffice to illuminate the room effectively. Layered lighting is generally useful and can be a great way to make your lighting system more versatile — fitting for any and every occasion and purpose.

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  1. dutchmuse says:

    Can you elaborate a bit on layered lighting? My boyfriend and I live in a bachelor and lighting is always a problem when either one of us is either sleeping or working–it may be too dark to read while the other chills with the lights out while watching a movie on the computer. There is no central ceiling light, just kitchen, bathroom (the brightest lit in the place) and a main foyer light. There is one night table lamp that barely illuminates the entire room (think: Ikea desk lamp). Would be interesting to get some tips on how to effectively light a small communal space….

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