Functional Uses for Fleece

Functional Uses for FleeceFleece is one of the most functional fabrics out there. It’s soft, durable and warm, which makes it ideal for use in cold weather. Fleece, however, isn’t one dimensional.

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to maximize your experience with fleece fabrics:


Using fleece fabric for blankets is perfect. If you’ve never snuggled up in a fleece blanket on a cold, winter day, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. It doesn’t even have to be winter to enjoy your blanket. You can take it on picnics and lay it on the grass for you to sit on. They’re also great for a movie night with your loved one. It’s impossible for an individual to have too many fleece blankets. You can make different shapes and sizes that better suit your needs. You can also make them as presents for those you love.


Fleece is a naturally warm fabric. Since it’s so warm, it’s ideal to make winter gloves and mittens. The soft fleece feels great on your hands; plus it will keep them nice and toasty. You can personalize your mittens, too, by choosing the fabric that you want.

Winter Hats

Your ears are one of the parts of the body that feels winter’s bitter cold the most. You step outside and your ears get so cold that they start to hurt. Making and wearing a fleece hat can neutralize the sting of the cold winter air.

Beds for Pets

The enjoyment of fleece isn’t exclusive to humans, however. You can make excellent beds and blankets for your cats and/or dogs. You can design the shape, color and fabric you use, which will make it more personal and special to both the pet and the owner. Since fleece is so durable, you’ll be able to use your new pet bed for years to come.

Laptop Sleeve

Protecting your electronics is very important these days. Protecting your laptop is even more vital, though, because it has a lot of pictures and personal information that you won’t want to lose. Creating a new protective laptop sleeve will keep your computer safe and prevent any mild damage from occurring.


Instead of going and spending 50-100 dollars on a new hoodie, why not make your own? It’s wallet friendly, fun and you get to choose the fabric that your hoodie is made out of. You’ll have the ability to personalize every aspect of your hoodie, from the fabric to how big the hood is. You can oversee the making of your hoodie, to make sure that it has the right dimensions and fabric.

Fleece is useful for so many different things. Find new ways to use fleece. Get the creative juices flowing and think of something new and unique that you can make from fleece. You’ll have fun thinking of and designing new things, and you’ll love using the things that you’ve made.

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  1. Tat says:

    I have some spare fleece lying around. I just made an elephant costume for my son from one of the pieces. Laptop sleeves? What a great idea.

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