How to choose a Courier: Five things to Consider

How to choose a Courier - Five things to ConsiderParcel delivery is still as important as it’s always been; despite the digital age we are still sending packages in our daily jobs, as gifts and they continue to go around the world. But how do you know your package will reach its destination securely?

I’ve put together a small list of pointers to check to make sure your courier is the right one for you.

  1. Pricing

Consider your needs versus the opportunities available. Some companies are able to offer discounts on bulk delivery or repeated custom, whilst others are simply better value for money because they offer a more basic service. Using a price comparison website such as Rapid Parcel can enable you to make an informed decision and find the best possible price for a service which meets your needs.

  1. Flexibility

If the customer is not present when the delivery is attempted, what will happen? You need to be sure to clearly understand the courier’s policies on repeat deliveries and what happens in the event of circumstances beyond their reasonable control. Unfortunately, things can go wrong. Having established the courier’s flexibility and attitude to customer service before committing to any business arrangements will protect all parties. As well as supporting the recipient of the delivery, there needs to be customer service in place to support the sender, with customer helplines or monitored email addresses.

  1. Reviews

No matter how smooth a courier’s service may appear, looking for reviews from previous customers is the best way of establishing their true level of professionalism. Numerous websites are available to business and domestic users, giving clear feedback on the package provided by different courier services. A little research can make a significant difference to the overall standard of the transaction.

  1. International Presence

If your business trades on an international scale, the most logical option might be to use a courier service with a global presence. This would mean that one individual company could handle all distribution issues, including overseas deliveries within the appropriate time frames. Most businesses find it much more straightforward to work alongside one Courier Company than to use different services for their deliveries in different countries.

In addition, those companies who are already established abroad will have a working knowledge of international transport arrangements and taxations. To the unprepared, the complications surrounding sending items into less economically developed countries can appear prohibitive. Even countries as developed as China have strict regulations governing deliveries of international items. Using a company with experience of these issues can remove a great deal of the stress.

  1. Tracking

Electronic tracking of a package provides peace of mind, particularly when items are travelling long distances or internationally. This also means that in the event of a late delivery, it is possible to trace where the item is being held. Tracking is a very desirable feature: look to see which tracking arrangements the company you use will offer.

Now with all these points in mind you can seek out a suitable courier for whatever you need to get delivered.

Adam Hughes is a finance graduate and writer, working with many online and offline media outlets helping people get the most of their money, as well as advising on finance and business.

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