What are the Best Driving Destinations in the UK

What are the Best Driving Destinations in the UKIf you’re planning a road trip around the UK, you probably know you’re in for some great scenery. Few countries offer the rural beauty and long stretches of highway that England, Scotland and Wales can provide — and with shows like Top Gear earning international attention, the UK is also becoming something of a car buff’s destination.

Planning the perfect road trip can be very exciting. Whether you have a Aston Martin or a Ford Fiesta available at Macklin Motors Glasgow, the only thing that matters is you have a good time. There is no better way to put a smile on your face then a good old fashioned road trip.

Here are just a few of the best driving destinations in the UK.

1. St Andrews, Scotland

It isn’t just the remarkable countryside and tiny village roads you’ll see in St Andrews — it’s also the old world sophistication that makes its major golf course the premier destination for golfing fans the world over. This is where the sport has its roots: And few things in life can be as nice as a drive through the gorgeous landscapes of St Andrews, getting a few holes in, and then hitting one of the many pubs in the area for a dram of whisky.

Scotland is also a fantastic place to pick up a new car with many dealerships available such as Macklin Motors. This means if you want to buy a new car on your trip or if you have any break down issues you will be more than spoilt for choice.

2. Manchester Region, Northern England

Manchester was the site of the industrial revolution, and part of the reason we have cars and roads today. But it’s the countryside and its lovely shops and restaurants that surround the metropolis that will really let you take your car out for a spin. Try lunch at a good gastro-pub in a converted farm house, cruise along the moors of the area, and take in the minimalist splendour of the region.

3. Dorset, Southern England 

The Dorset countryside may be famous for being home to great English writers like Thomas Hardy and T.E. Lawrence (otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia), but it’s the beautiful farmland and coastlines of the region that will have driving fans itching to return again and again. Few regions in England can match the pastoral beauty of Dorset, with its medieval towns, Roman ruins, and old highways a driver’s delight.

4. Oxfordshire, England

As well as being a hub of one of the most beautiful universities in the world — Oxford — Oxfordshire is a beautiful agricultural region with wonderful roads dotted with ancient country mansions. The sights are many and are beauties to behold in this historic region that seems to condense all of England’s wondrous personality into its borders.

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