5 Fun Activities in Queensland Australia

5 Fun Activities in Queensland AustraliaQueensland Australia has a population of around 4.5 million people, mainly living in the coastal areas of the north eastern state of Australia where you’ll find coral beaches dipping into the Pacific Ocean.

It covers over 1.9 million square kilometres of the country, where 10 of the country’s 30 biggest cities can be found as well as several National Parks.

1. Visit the National Parks on a Wildlife Trek

Some of the rarest and most endangered species are resident to Queensland’s indescribable outback. You can visit the Daintree Rainforest where you’ll be one of the very few people in the world who can actually say you have seen a wild Cassowary. In Eungella National Park you’ll have the pleasure of getting a close up of the famous platypus, or you can skip down to Cape Hillsborough to see the Kangaroos basking in the sun. If you are lucky enough to be around in the right time of year, you can get down to Mon Repo in time to see the turtle hatchlings.

2. Extreme Jungle Sports

Australia is well known for its sun and surf, and so why not try Jungle surfing for size. On this trip you’ll get to zip line through the canopy. Alternatively, you could get wet by trying out the white water rafting expedition by jumping into the rapids for a screaming ride down one of the hostile local rivers. If all that seems too rough and ready for your taste, then maybe you can pit wits against some of the toughest landscape this terrain has to offer by going on a rock climbing adventure.

3. Camp out in the Stars

Many people compare camping in Australia to camping to Africa. This couldn’t be further from reality as even though Australia is renowned for some pretty gruesome creepy crawlies, there are no big cats to worry about. You can sleep out in the stars in one of a host of camping spots that still offer some home comforts, you may crave while you escape from reality in one of nature’s most wonderful settings.

4. Play Online Poker

You can get a game of online poker in anywhere in the world and here’s your chance. With plenty of wireless hotspots around the state and a lot of free time on your hands why not bust out the virtual cards and get into some poker. You can also check out poker tournaments that are happening in Queensland at http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/live-events/anzpt/ where you’ll also find more poker tournaments in other spots of the country where you can play in live tournaments against some of the best poker players in the country.

5. Eat Crocodile Burgers with the Crocs

Sit next to the lakes or salt water sea areas and munch on a crocodile burger. Beware though as there are plenty of salt water or fresh crocs that wouldn’t mind doing the same to you!

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  1. Fun stuff! We wish to add Australia to our current world tour list. So many fun sights and sounds and we just run into SO many Aussies wherever we are, including here in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thanks for sharing…..and love those little birdies!

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