10 Golden Commenting Rules for Bloggers- Blog Commenting Etiquette

10 Golden Commenting Rules for Bloggers- Blog Commenting EtiquetteAll bloggers comment on other blogs, though they all have their own reasons for doing so. A list of high page rank dofollow blogs for commenting will draw more bloggers than flies on a proverbial spoonful of honey.

While it is easy to leave comments here and there just for the heck of it, have you ever thought what you need to do to make sure your comments see the light of the day and help you develop a relationship with other bloggers?

Just like we have guidelines to govern our code of conduct in other walks of life, there are certain unsaid rules and regulations which hold good here as well.

10 Golden Commenting Rules For Bloggers to See More Blog Comments Getting Approved

Here are some rules which you MUST keep in mind if you see more of your comments getting approved and published.

  • Choosing The Right Blogs

Before proceeding on and writing in detail about the commenting etiquette, let me point out the importance of CHOOSING the right blogs for doing so.

First and foremost, look for blogs which write on same topics or, at least, similar topics as you do. If you do that, you will benefit by reading the content and might also succeed in getting huge traffic from those blogs, IF other readers find your comments intelligent and interesting.

  • Read Before Leaving a Comment

Read the post before commenting It is very important to read what has been written in the article above before commenting on it.

I have seen people who try to save a few minutes by not reading the article completely. They just take a cursory glance, scan the headline and the sub headings and scroll down hurriedly to make a totally irrelevant or off-the-topic comment!

How silly!

Isn’t it better to spend 3-4 minutes reading the article before commenting rather than making a complete fool of yourself?

  • Read The Previous Comments

I know it would be asking for too much if I suggest you to read each and every previous comment left behind by the commenters before you.

But to make sure that the writer does not get irritated by the same or similar query many number of times, try to take a quick look over some of them to make sure you are asking or saying something that has not been said or asked before.


  • Add Value

Silly, generic and banal comments like “Well written”, “Thanks for sharing” and “Love to visit this blog” might get published once in a while but will not earn you much respect from the readers nor help you forge a better bond with the blog owners.

Put up 2 comments instead of 7-8 if you are short of time. But, for heavens, make sense when you do so!

Write something that will reflect positively about your knowledge and grasp over the topic being discussed as well as you as a person.

  • Don’t Brag

I have seen commenters grabbing every opportunity to brag about the ‘awesome flow of traffic to my blog’, ‘the handsome earnings from my blog’ and ‘the respect I get from newbies’. Or the dozens of blogs you are running.

What nonsense!

It is only a half filled vessel that makes the most noise.

If you intend to use your comments as a means of blowing your own trumpet, you will earn disrepute all over the blogosphere.

I got so sick of a regular commenter on my blog who just couldn’t stop talking about his awesomeness that I marked some of his comments as “spam” so that I was spared the torture of reading the same stuff over and over again.

  • Decent Language

You don’t have to fall in line with the owner of the blog and praise him unabashedly all the time.

It is alright to show that you do not agree. IF you can do that politely and respectfully.

Even if you disagree with your host, do not cross the lines of decency and use foul language or cussing words.

I once wrote an article “5 Reasons I love meat”. Obviously, the vegetarians among my readers did not like my reasons for doing so.

But one of them went so far as to say, “You are posting total crap. I wonder how your readers can take that ****. One has to be an a****** to take all the crap you are publishing here. and how could you do this being a Hindu? You are an insult to our religion….blah blah blah”

I do not trash all comments which point out my flaws and shortcomings. But this one was shown the trash bin for obvious reasons. Whether your reasons for disagreeing with your host are personal, religious or emotional, make sure to choose your words carefully.

Practice respectful disagreement, not personal attacks.”


  • Don’t Try to Hijack The Conversation

Try to know your limits. Do not try to hijack the conversation.

Remember that you are just a guest who is here to leave a comment.

A sensible, intelligent comment.

That’s it!

You are not expected to poke your nose into each and every point being raised or reply to every query meant for you host. If you do so, your comments will never get approved at all!

  • Don’t Include Links Unless Allowed To Do So

There are some blogs which allow commenters to leave behind thei url. But 95% of the blogs look down upon this practice and it is common to see hosts develop a gradual dislike for people who do so because links not only mean losing upon link juice but also have the effect of taking readers away to another blog or website.

Unless your host has specified that you are allowed to leave behind links, do not do so. If you have some really relevant and useful information which you feel you must share with the readers, try to share it with them without actually including an outbound link.

  • Be Brief

While all blog owners in general frown upon one line comments, they would not like you to take over as the expert and leave behind a 400 word comment either.

Try to say what you must keeping in mind that you need not go on and on in an effort to sound knowledgeable.

A blogger friend of mine, Harleena Singh, leaves behind wonderful comments whenever she chooses to do so. Most of them almost 200 words long. But she makes sense -which is why all bloggers are glad to see her leaving behind a comment.

  • Have a Personality of Your Own

The type of comments you leave behind help in creating an image of you about the blogosphere.

You could choose to be seen as cynical, grumpy, happy, jovial, generous or intelligent. When people see you trying to make a point and getting noticed over a number of blogs or websites, they try to see beyond your comments and start liking or disliking you as a person rather than identifying with your comments ONLY.

Make sure that the image you create about yourself projects you in a positive light and helps you win over love, respect and adulation from within the community.


Well, now it is for our readers to have the final say.

Do you agree with what I just said above?

Do you come across commenters who want to make you pull your hair in despair or those whom you love to see out there?

In either case, we will be glad to hear from you.

Do write to us.

Ambika Choudhary Mahajan
A freelance copywriter and eBook author. Stay-at-home mom to two adorable sons. Loves to channelize her energy by writing at her blog,
Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

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  1. Hi Ambika & Amit,

    What a lovely and must needed topic. :)

    When I read this topic on Triberr, I headed right away and to my surprise to find Ambika having written then – nice to meet you here at Amit’s blog. You sure keep adding feathers in your cap through your wonderful guest posts, which I do keep reading off and on.

    Coming to the post, well, thank you for the kind mention, and yes, I somehow have a perhaps ‘bad habit’ as my hubby calls it to leave such looooong comments. But that’s just the way I am right from the beginning because I can so well relate to what’s written whenever I leave a comment, or perhaps I’d rather say it all, which for me is like a conversation I have with the person who’s written the post. If the comments don’t relate to the post, are too short, meaningless, off topic, not genuine, they are bound to be trashed.

    More so, if you really want to build relationship with people, leave better comments that people can relate to. Speaking of myself, I differ a little about the first point, because I really don’t bother to choose blogs to leave comments as you mentioned, and often visit blogs off my niche also, because when you build relationships with people or want to connect with them, you go beyond blogs and sites, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s one reason I have people of ALL niches visit my posts as I visit their’s once they visit mine, or may be I have a multi-niche so it doesn’t really matter.

    I feel that every blog you visit, even if it’s off topic- teaches you something, and everything learned is knowledge gained, so the more the better. Yes, most bloggers don’t do this or prefer to stay within their niche, which is another reason I started a blogging category on my blog, and they come in huge numbers then. :) I guess a lot depends from blogger to blogger and how one relate to the other.

    Thanks for sharing these relevant points with us. Have a nice weekend, both of you :)

    • healthtipscafe says:

      Hi Harleena!!
      Glad to see you noticed it and also for liking the article.
      While it is important to keep a comment brief, I am sure none of the bloggers mind getting long comments from you- as I have already mentioned in my article above.
      As long as a commenter is not putting up gibberish balderdash and has something sensible to say, any blogger loves to have him/ her around. I mentioned you because you manage to put your point across so convincingly and take the trouble to actually type quite a lot instead of leaving a silly ‘thank you for sharing’ note..
      See you soon some where else…

  2. Great post and this just seems like common sense and common courtesy. I’m always surprised when people don’t follow these seemingly basic ideas. Probably has roots in their upbringing.

    • healthtipscafe says:

      Hi Roger,
      You’re actually right- these are very common sensical things. But you will be surprised to see people ignore them totally and go out of the way to become insensible. Only to complain later that their comments do not get approved. I can not help but pity such people who do not have possess ‘commenting etiquette’.
      Hope this post helps drill some sense in the minds of the worst offenders.

  3. Lisa Buben says:

    Oh yes Ambika and Amit, I’ve come across some who hijack the conversation – as long as it is done in a positive way I don’t mind too much. I’ve joked with some blogger friends who sometimes make comments as long as posts :)
    Many spammers put in their own links and do they really think they will be approved?

    • healthtipscafe says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Who says bloggers have to be dull and boring people?
      I think it perfectly normal to share a lighter moment with a fellow blogger once in a while too. As long as it does not cross the lines, become offensive and become a distraction for other readers, it should be acceptable. Infact, welcomed!! :)

  4. Hi Ambika,

    Thanks for sharing this. I like the part about adding value. Instead of just dropping b and say thanks for writing, share some ideas which is good to create engagement.

    And of course, please don’t just comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs :) You can comment on any blogs as long as they are worthy of leaving a comment!


    • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

      Thanks, Reginald!!
      Yes, most over zealous bloggers forget to realize the importance of maintaining a sensible dofollow-nofollow ratio.

  5. MiscarriageHelp says:

    Thank you for this post, Ambika.

    I’m not in the habit of leaving comments unless I get something out of it. I did!

    I also believe in keeping my comments relevant to the topic, being polite, and not posting simply for the sake of commenting.

    Hoping many others read this. Thanks again,

    Ellen DuBois

  6. JasonB says:

    I found your post via triberr, I like your list but I do tend to stop by post I find on triberr and leave a comment just letting the blogger know I enjoyed their post and shared it via triberr.

  7. Barry Clermont says:

    I’m relatively new to the “blogosphere” and really appreciate the advice.

    Seems mostly common sense you can apply to any conversation whether written or in person. We all love to be heard but it’s just as important to know when to shut up and listen. Looking forward to learning more.

    Make it a great day!

    Barry Clermont

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