What to Look for in an Android Mini-PC?

As you know, technology is coming up with its new and changing avatars with every passing day. If you are a tech freak and a gadget lover, I am sure you have heard about Android Mini-PC.

An Android mini-pc combines the utility of Google’s Android operating system and the facilities of a PC.

What to Look for in an Android Mini-PC?

For all those who would love to have the best of both the worlds mentioned above but do not know what to look for in an Android mini pc, here is an article which will tell you about all the specifications that your device must have.

Look out for these features while buying an Android mini pc to avoid disappointment later:

  • Gaming Facility

If you use your device for gaming, you would obviously want a machine that gives you a better gaming experience. Isn’t it? Games featuring the latest first-person shooter on your device would be a pleasurable experience while connecting it to a TV is so not-cool.

For your Mini-PC to be a gaming device, it should have a dual-core Android stick in order to deliver a good gaming experience. To make it even better, opt for a quad-core device. You should be able to sync your stick with a wireless joystick which will enable you to play controller-based games with greater joy and a more pleasurable experience.

  • Media Connectivity

Your android min pc should be connectable to the TV and hence act as a set-top box delivering 1080p just as in the quad-core Zealz GK802. With this, you will be able to relax in your couch watching videos using a wireless keyboard to control just like you did with your remote.

Now, that would be an amazing feature.

  • Secure Linux Workstation

Capability of running Linux’s Ubuntu and other versions should be enabled along with a window-like interface facilitating multitasking in an easy and accessible way. With this, you will be able to use a number of productivity apps, office suites, image and video editors, stick PC, etc. This would keep your data safe as Mini PC features the whole operating system.

  • Video Conferencing

Video calling facility is available in almost all Mini PCs but what about video conferencing? The facility of carrying out video conferences while your complete family sits beside you is incredible. You would be able to do this by simply connecting a webcam to your device and then using the video calling software you wish to use.

Now, you can locate the webcam on your television and carry out your video call in the big screen. So, your Mini-PC must facilitate video conferencing.

This is one feature I love most on MY android mini-pc.

  • File Server

A home file server is most important as it facilitates sharing of documents with colleagues at office and with family at home.

With this, you will enjoy more flexibility simply by syncing your device with USB hard drive and Ethernet dongle.

  • Subordinate Family PC

Your Android Mini-PC should be able to act as a desktop PC and for this, you need only the Android stick of your Mini-PC while all you need are keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Android Mini PC will grant access to hundreds of family-friendly apps which children and minors can use and play with.


This is my list of features and specifications which are an absolute must-have in an Android mini-pc. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, thoroughly look up the market and check the available models to make sure that the one you pick up eventually possesses them all. Better to buy wisely, after all, than regretting after buying hastily.

We hope our list of must-have features of an android mini-pc will help you make a better choice. If there is any other feature which you feel that an Android mini pc must have but we are missing out, please let us know.

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