What Can Work Order Software Do for You?

What Can Work Order Software Do for You?If you manage maintenance for a property, office facilities, manufacturing plant, industrial drilling, or a fleet of cars, you know how important work orders are to your efficiency. A single work order carries out a multitude of purposes including: specifying the work to be done, the asset to be serviced, the service location, the supplies and parts needed, the time and date of the scheduled service, and the technician assigned to the task.

A work order may also contain a detailed description of the asset along with instructions for the technician to follow. And that’s all before the job begins. Once the technician arrives and performs the work, the work order may be updated to reflect actual work completed, parts used, and new asset details such as an updated odometer reading.

While maintenance personnel have long used paper- and computer-based systems alike to issue work orders, modern work order software specific to the maintenance industry has evolved to better match real-world needs. Today, computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) makes scheduling work, creating detailed service records, and dispatching work orders a simple matter. But what’s in it for you?

As the maintenance manager, it’s your job to manage all maintenance tasks and personnel in the most efficient manner possible. You need to know what needs to be done long before it’s due so that you can schedule the work with minimal service disruptions as well as order the required parts. Computerised asset and property maintenance software allows you to do all of that and more. In addition, by using fleet or property maintenance software, you can quickly generate reports detailing everything from labour, material, and inventory costs to weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance costs – and much more (Source: http://www.emaint.co.uk). You could even influence future buying decisions by presenting reports detailing lifecycle costs for different classes of assets.

Work order software allows you to perform at a higher level, streamlines maintenance, and creates a wealth of maintenance and asset information that you can tap into as needed. Whether you are managing for a property, office buildings or industrial manufacturing plant, maintenance management software will help streamline business operations to ensure work is done efficiently and effectively. To stay competitive in the business world today, it’s important to stay up-to-date with technology and software program that help you stay competitive to competitors. If you are not open to changes, eventually you will be voted out of the industry and it will be hard to climb your way back up.

Martin Beckett is the author of this blog post about the benefits of work order software. He has worked in the manufacturing industry for a number of years and loves to write tips on improving business operations.

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