The World’s Most Durable Mobile Phones

The World's Most Durable Mobile PhonesThere are a lot of wonderfully designed phones out there, but you have to admit, most smartphones are pretty fragile. When it comes to taking a beating, iPhones and Samsung Galaxies just weren’t meant to take the heat. This can be a problem for you if you are an avid outdoors type and you need to have a phone that can keep on going after you’ve dropped it more than a few times.

If you work an outdoor job such as a park ranger, construction worker, or other type of physically demanding job, you know what I mean. Our phones are at risk for being dropped, jostled, spilled on, stepped on, you name it, it can happen. And if our phone dies every time something like this happens then we would spend a lot of money replacing them!

This is why we want phones that have a little more “durability” built in. What phones meet this test?


A mobile phone that boasts fifteen years on a single double A battery? I’m intrigued already! Granted, the actual talk time is only ten hours or so, but this is a phone that’s designed to stay off most of the time and be used simply for emergency calls. It’s as simple as it gets. If you’re the type that works outdoors all day, every day, then this is for you. No charging necessary, battery replacement is a snap, and you won’t be worrying about people interrupting you with calls while you’re on top of a scaffolding or performing some physically demanding task that needs your full attention.

DSS Rugged Outdoor Mobile

This phone can handle two SIM cards to access multiple networks, good for the outdoors fans who don’t always know if their network will be able to get reliable connection in a particular area. The phone is encased in waterproof plastic, and has shock absorbers built in that we love. Very basic otherwise though, no smartphone features here. The phone itself is cheap, but having two phone plans (if you decide to use both SIMs) can add up if you don’t shop around.

B2100 Solid Extreme

Aside from a basic camera (1.8 MP) this phone has nothing really of note in terms of features. If “basic” and “reliable” are words you look for when shopping for a mobile phone, then this is the one for you. Also, the extremely long battery life is nice for those folks who will be outside and away from their phone charger for long periods of time. It’s not filled with shock absorbers (dang), but still takes spills pretty well.

JCB Toughphone Sitemaster

This thing is, gulp, “military approved” and “pressure tested.” Yikes, I’m impressed! I’ve read reviews and testimonials that call this the “most durable phone in the world.” I can’t claim to back this up, but the specs would make it seem to be accurate. It can withstand multiple falls from great heights, can be fully submerged in water for several minutes, and has even lived through being left in a freezer until it froze solid. Basic features, but it lives. And lives. And lives.

Motorola Defy+

The builder’s edition specifically. This is a more full-featured phone. It’s no iPhone mind you, but The Android Gingerbread OS it features does give you a lot of the smartphone capabilities you might need. This one can handle drops, spills, and is dust, water, and scratch proof. Reports of this phone being dropkicked and surviving are out there as well. Still, as impressive as its durability is, it’s no Toughphone Sitemaster. And smartphone features mean your plan will cost a little bit more than with some of the more basic phones on this list.

If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time outdoors then you will love the phones on this list. Not all of them are exactly the pinnacle of modern cellular technology but you will love the ruggedness that these phones feature. If you are in situations where your phone comes in contact with risk often, then perhaps you should consider investing in one of these babies. Even so, I recommend you also get something like phone insurance because just in case you have an epic accident even these things can’t handle, knowing you are covered is priceless.

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger. She writes regularly on technology topics and after researching this list, she is convinced that she needs a phone with built in “shock absorbers.”

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