The Role of Secondary School Music Teachers

The Role of Secondary School Music TeachersThe ability to sing well or play a musical instrument is a wonderful gift that those who have often love to share. They are often passionate about music and enthuse about its joys. Teaching music is a wonderful way for them to pass on their knowledge and skills and to help others learn about and understand their art.

Secondary school music teachers have the opportunity to engender in young people a love and appreciation of music that will last a lifetime. Where subjects like mathematics and chemistry may be forgotten in the years after school, music is a constant part of life and lessons learned in school will be remembered long after school days are over.

Music has a wonderful history in secondary schools. Many budding young musicians had their first taste of music at the hands of secondary school music teachers who encouraged and nurtured their talents. Music also often proves to be the key to reaching some students who are disengaged from mainstream school activity. Essentially music has no boundaries – it can be enjoyed by pupils of all abilities, and low academic achievement is no bar to playing an instrument or singing well or to being able to appreciate music in all its forms.

Secondary school music teachers, however, have to follow the National Curriculum that emphasises the history and development of music and must prepare students for the relevant examinations, so there is more to teaching music than coaching singing and instrumental skills. It is a specialist role that requires great dedication and commitment.

The music teacher is often far more involved in the social life of the school than other teachers. Secondary schools often have choirs and orchestras and like to display their pupils’ talents through musical performance and concerts. These usually fall within the purview of the music teacher’s responsibilities. The work can be hard going but the rewards are incomparable. It does, after all, take a special skill to take a large group of individual students and get them to work together and for each other. The experience can be life-changing for some students as they learn to understand the true meaning of teamwork and at the same time become more self-confident.

Most secondary school music teachers have a specialist tertiary music qualification as well as a teaching qualification. The job offers a wonderful opportunity to impart an appreciation of music to a wide audience of receptive minds and offers a stability that the option of private tutoring, which some music teachers often consider, lacks.

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