How to Style a Fall Outfit with Fur

How to Style a Fall Outfit with FurAs the weather continues to cool down and autumn approaches, fall styles are beginning to pop up in stores and on fashionable people everywhere. Sweaters, boots, scarves, and layers continue to be hot and trendy items, but one new style that has found great popularity lately is fur.

A fur coat, fur cape, or even simple fur vest are all the rage this fall and can add a touch of whimsy and class to almost any outfit. Here are a few ways to style a trendy fall outfit that includes wearing fur.

Add a Vest

Vests were extremely popular during the spring and summer months, with the denim vest being the hottest ticket item. Women were seen wearing them over maxi dresses or paired with colored skinny jeans and a graphic tee. This fall, expect to see just as many vests, but in different textures and materials. Fur vests are a fun way that you can hit on two trends at once. A fur vest over a plain colored long-sleeve tee with a nice pair of skinny jeans and boots takes comfy to the next level of cool. Finish off the look with a skinny belt wrapped around the vest to create a shape and show off your curves.

Fur Capes

Last winter saw the introduction of capes as outerwear, mostly with heavy, woolen capes worn as a coat. The fur cape is here this fall to dress up the cape trend and add some funky style. There are a couple of ways that you can style fur capes – casual or dressy. For a casual look, pair the cape with a simple pair of black leggings and feminine flats. Keep your accessories to a minimum, since the cape will work as an accessory itself. To dress it up, a brightly colored pencil skirt and matching pumps can create a color-blocked outfit of great interest and appeal. However you decide to style your cape you will be at the top of the fashion trends.

The Fur Coat

It seems like everyone wants a fur coat someday, but what’s holding them back? This season is the perfect time to invest in a designer coat, like Badgley Mischka fur, and add a conversation piece to your wardrobe. Styling an outfit around a fur coat is pretty simple, since the coat is the real star of the show. You don’t want to wear anything else that is too catchy or loud, but instead keep things nice and neutral. Paired with a sleek pair of dark skinny jeans, a fur coat can transform a completely casual outfit into one that can be worn out for a night on the town. Worn over your favorite little black dress is the perfect look for a formal event that was practically effortless. Let the coat do all the work for you and enjoy the attention that you will surely attract.

Don’t let the fur trend pass you by this season. Ignore your fears and take the plunge into a fun new piece that will be in style for many years to come. Consider fur to be an investment in your future of style.

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    DISGUSTING & absolutely DISGRACEFUL. Wear your own fu**ing skin. I thought surely I’d read that title wrong. Consider doing a bit of research into the absolute cruelty of the fur industry. If you STILL think fur is a fashion accessory then at least you’re no longer ignorant, just evil. Pathetic.

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