Shocked by Phone Comparisons

Shocked by Phone ComparisonsEveryone wants the hottest phone on the market, but which is the hottest phone right now and is it the best handset for everyone? The problem is that we’ve been victims of great marketing too many times in the past and that has to change. I’m personally an internet junkie and I use a Samsung S3, but I want to upgrade soon and don’t know what to go for.

Right now, I’m happier using my S3 for things like Facebook because at least I can play videos from the site unlike my iPad and that’s got me wondering if the fuss around Apple products is justified. I’ve compared the specs and opinions about some of the most popular phones and phone manufacturers in the market today. Some of the results are surprising.

Hello to Huawei

Huawei have produced another great phone to replace the Ascend P1, which is aptly named the Ascend P2. The Chinese manufacturer is following the trend of producing phones that almost resemble tablets with a larger 4.7” screen. A large screen is a necessity for people like me who use the internet on their phones more than they place calls. Even texting and using Skype is much easier than smaller handsets.

I’ve been more than happy with my S3 at 4.8”, but wouldn’t want to go any smaller than 4.7”. The P2’s resolution is the same as my S3’s at 1280×720, but the IPS screen is supposedly superior when it comes to colour definition and that could be where main superiority lies. The quad core processor is only marginally quicker on paper than the S3, but it’s definitely a case of small margins in this game. Given the small differences in specs from my S3 to the P2, I’d probably stick with my handset rather than upgrade to a P2.

Does the S4 Zoom Ahead?

At first glance, not really. The camera is much better than the S3, but that’s hardly my primary use. I love the fact that it has a zoom lens, but I couldn’t justify upgrading my handset for something that hardly makes a difference to my life. I only tend to take photos with my phone when I’m partying with friends and I’m more than happy with the result. The bad points need to be pointed out for this phone to stop people buying it for the novelty factor.

Yes, you get a great camera, but the screen has a lower resolution than the S3 and S4 and it runs slower too. The CPU clocks 1.5Ghz, which is slower than the quoted 1.9Ghz of the S4. I don’t have a handset available to confirm the S4 actually benchmarks at that speed, but it seems to me the S4 Zoom is packaged as a camera to kill the Nokia Lumia, but misses the point in every other area.

Long Live the Samsung

Before I have lots of comments that accuse me of being a Samsung fan boy, let me remind you of the slating I’ve just given the S4 Zoom. Without a doubt, the next handset I upgrade to will be the Samsung S4 simply because it’s a great all-rounder. The only criticism I have is that it lacks the solid state memory that S3 users are used to, which means I may struggle to hold all my apps on the internal memory.

The handset comes with so much preloaded software that it’s a little bit annoying. I appreciate Samsung looking after its customers with apps like S Health, but I don’t want that to interfere with my choice of apps. The 13megapixel camera may not compare favourably with the Lumia, but it’s much better than I’ll need.

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