Relax While Helping the Planet

Relax While Helping the PlanetBe Good To the Planet

Bamboo window blinds have been a perennially popular treatment for years, and now their environmental friendliness is bringing them back into the limelight. According to HGTV, bamboo is one of the best materials for letting in just the right amount of light, and can easily be used for windows and glass doors of almost any size. If the environment is part of your window treatment decision process, this may be the best material for your home.

National Geographic notes that the international bamboo industry is rapidly growing, reaching $25 billion in 2012. Shoppers love bamboo for the natural look, eco-friendliness and ease of hanging and maintaining the blinds and shades made from the material, and environmentalists love it for the low impact on the planet. The plant itself grows amazingly fast – in fact, some species can grow by more than a foot in a single day. Because of this, it’s one of the most sustainable materials used for window treatments today, and one of the best ways to help the environment when decorating.

But who chooses blinds just because they’re good for the planet? Luckily, bamboo fits perfectly with the natural look trend that’s popping up everywhere, from houses to hotels. The material also lends itself well to contemporary and traditional design, making it as versatile as it is sustainable.

Relax In Your Room

We all need a safe haven where we can relax after a long day, be it a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Create your personal paradise by eliminating distractions, decorating with soft colors and textures and comfortable furnishings.

Distractions that can pull you out of recreation mode include electronics, noises and other people. Your room should be free of computers and televisions, because they can counteract the calming atmosphere you’re trying to create. If you are having separation anxiety, use your computer for nothing but communication, and a television for movies rather than the news. It only takes one work email or news story to ruin a good mood. Choose a room away from household foot traffic to avoid further diversions. This doesn’t mean it has to be a “no kids allowed” zone, but people walking through the room frequently will keep you from unwinding.

Your personal haven should be decorated with muted colors and soft textures. Bold primary colors are great, but they tend to energize and excite rather than calm. Blues, greens, yellows and purples are all relaxing colors. Don’t use them all at once though – using too many colors in a room can be as jarring as a single bright color. Don’t be afraid to use pattern in your decor as long as the colors aren’t starkly contrasted. Soft light can be achieved with cellular shades, and a soft rug will keep the room cozy.

Finally, furnish your room with a variety of comfortable chairs, couches and ottomans to relax on. Having more than one will allow you to spend time with your spouse or kids while you unwind.

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