Positive Thinking and How Inspiration Can Affect Your Performance

Positive Thinking and How Inspiration Can Affect Your PerformanceThe power of positive thinking is one that has been proven time and time again. When we hold onto negative energy and negative thoughts, they only hold us back in life and trap us behind closed walls.

If you want to break free from negative thinking, get on a path of positivity and feel inspired every single day, then consider these 5 benefits of inspiration and find out how they can affect your performance.

Inspiration Leads Us On A New Path

When we are inspired by people, places and things, we develop a sense of wonder in ourselves that opens us up to more opportunities. People who live in the now and live for each day are inspired every day to obtain new challenges and develop new skills. They are inspired by life in general, and nothing stops them from achieving what they want out of life. Positive thinking is a very strong factor in living your life to the fullest.

Stay Inspired At Work

Your work performance will greatly benefit from daily inspirations and positive thinking. If you are inspired by a new project, a fellow colleague’s approach to work and life balance, or what your company does, that’s fabulous! You are ahead of the game. If you struggle to find inspiration at work, then you will need to look deep within yourself to discover what you truly want from your job. Look at the way your colleagues handle difficult situations and mirror them. Once you begin to feel inspired on a daily basis at work, your performance will shine with success!

Inspiration Leads to Great Things

The people who listen to tapes of inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins really seem to be on the right path within their lives. Maybe it is time you find someone to admire or look up to. Find a mentor and learn from them and their mistakes. You will start to feel as though you are part of an inspirational movement and without a doubt you will move towards greatness.

Start Listening To Famous Quotes

Even if you think reading an inspirational quote every morning is silly, many people do it. In this day and age, we need more hope and motivation to keep afloat when any difficult situations come our way. It won’t hurt you to read over a few inspirational quotes in the morning before you go to school or work. After time and practice, you will begin to feel what is said in those quotes.

Find The Inspiration In Your Life

It is important to find out where your personal inspiration comes from in your life. It could be your boss, your spouse, your mother, your grandchild, or your friends. It could be your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur one day and running your own company that inspires you daily and that keeps you motivated. Your inspiration can come from visiting a sick kids hospital and realizing you want to help people on a daily basis, or it could come from a leader that has a rags-to-riches story.

Identify your daily inspiration, what gets you out of bed each morning and your reason for moving ahead in life. Hold it close to your heart. Staying inspired isn’t always easy, and neither is being positive at all times. We all have down days and feel burnt out from time to time. Inspiration will always get you back on your feet. When you are feeling down on your luck, remember what gets you out of bed each day and keep going.

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  1. Inspiration is always within us! We need only feel it to find it. Love the tips here. I practice detaching from work each hour to dissolve inspiration blocks and charge through my day….from a high energy place of course lol….because all blocks to inspiration are self-created and can be released in a moment.

    The trick lies in detaching. Take breaks every 50 minutes. Watch your excuses. Feel inspired again, and then as you note above, move through your day in a high energy manner. Your performance will improve dramatically if you are willing to take a simple break once in a while, check your feelings and vibe up if necessary.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Holly McIlwain says:

    The reason the positive thinking stuff never goes out of style is because it is actually science. If you’re someone who needs to understand the “why” behind an idea before you try it, look for books that explain vibration, physics, and the law of attraction. It is the why behind the power of positive thinking. TIP: If you find you cannot get a negative thought out of your head, try some of the thought processes taught by Paul McKenna in Change Your Life in 7 Days. He has short easy mental exercises for getting rid of bad tapes and sad images that may be slowing down your smile. Also, Mary Ann Williamson has written a lot on the topic regarding forgiveness which is also a necessary step toward peace and happiness. Hey Y’all, it’s easier to be positive when you are happy. Duh, right?
    BOTTOM LINE: In life there will always be great experiences and some not-so-good ones. Take the lessons and leave the baggage.
    Thanks, Y’all

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