.NET Developers at the Crossroads

.NET Developers at the CrossroadsMobile developers seem to turn into extreme importation figures in the cloud monsters battle, which is quite likely to burst out. Support for web and mobile services occupies quite a big share in the plans of the leading cloud providers and their quest for the world power.

That really comes as no surprise taking into consideration that web and mobile development has been a world IT trend for several years in a row. And now a new step: Amazon cloud has provided an alternative for .NET developers offering  an updated .NET SDK similar to that which Android and iOS developers already enjoy in Amazon cloud.

Amazon and Microsoft Go Hand in Hand

It is evident that Microsoft will not be particularly fond of the idea that developers using its own native .NET technology will prefer Amazon to native Azure services. However, it must be noted that Azure Mobile Services and Azure Web Sites have not been moved into general availability until late June. However, the release was announced well in advance and has been closely tested for about a year. The general features allow storing Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone apps data, user authentication procedures and push notifications sending. Amazon AWS service promises a bit more with AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell and AWS Visual Studio toolkit.

However, according to some surveys of interviewed developers the idea whether to stick to one or the other cloud service provider is much more a matter of religion sentiments than a sensible and argument proved decision. As Amazon managed to stand apart from those epic holy wars of MS supporters against Linux adherers, its image is completely neutral, which saves a lot of energy on trying to prove that it’s just business nothing else.

Microsoft in the Cloud: Whom to Watch for

At the same time Microsoft’s initiative to add mobile and web services to the cloud is a good step in the right direction. Nevertheless, it may turn out to be a little bit too late as Amazon has started earlier and has a greater base to stand on. So, while Microsoft tries to launch its SaaS offering, Amazon is already there and is churning out more refined and sought-after features, which are being looked forward to at the IT market.
Besides the fact that Amazon is now at the top of the cloud market and, according to Morgan Stanley research, will run it into the next decade, there is an array of other cloud providers, which Microsoft had better looked at. Google cloud is one of the potential emerging threats and the real archenemies. However, the list of competitors to be beware of is yet too long. Salesforce.com, for example, also engaged in cloud computing  is also targeting  mobile developers and with its recently launched Xamarin Mobile Pack C# and .NET developers can build mobile applications later stored and supported in Salesforce Platform Mobile Services environment.  So, Microsoft has a lot of things to take care of and lots of competitors, who are determined to tame Microsoft’s most ardent followers — .NET developers.

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