Lip Balm: 5 Uses in an Emergency Situation

Lip Balm 5 Uses in an Emergency SituationGo ahead and dig that tube of lip balm out of your pants pockets. Look on the side of it. Somewhereon there, next to the ingredient relief.” However, that little tube of scented petroleum can do more than just moisten your kisser; it can actually save your life! Here are five ways lip balm can help you out during an emergency situation.list and drug facts, should be a little section that details what it can be used for.

What does it say? There’s a good chance that the only possible use that the manufacturers saw fit to mention was “chapped lip


1. Not just lip balm, chapped-skin balm too

Well, yeah. It’s called lip balm for a reason. But despite the fact that everyone knows how to use it on their lips, few ever think to take its anti-chapping power to other areas of the body. But the fact is, if it’s covered in skin, chapstick can help it out. Things like dry hands or elbows, wind chaffed faces, sore nostrils, etc, can all be soothed with a liberal helping of balm.

2. Styptic pen

If you’re find yourself getting small cuts and scrapes, it can be pretty annoying. It can be more than annoying when those cuts and scrapes start leaking you life juice all over the place. If you want to keep you blood inside your body where it belongs, just dab a bit of lip balm on the cut. It will close up the wound, and help it heal more quickly. For larger cuts, you’ll probably need a medical kit (a severed arm isn’t going to stop bleeding if you cover the stump in lip balm, but on the bright side at least it won’t get chaffed). Whatever the case, clean out the wound as well as you can before putting anything on it; if you don’t, the balm might just trap foreign material inside.

3. Fire starter

Believe it or not, but that little plastic tube that your daughter plays with when she’s pretending to put on lipstick is actually very flammable. It’s not explosive or anything, but it is petroleum based, and that means that when exposed to an ignition source, it will burn even if it’s wet or a little bit windy. If you don’t have any good tinder available, try coating a cotton ball or small piece of fabric with lip balm, and use that to catch your larger logs ablaze. Just don’t use the same hand that was feeling wind chafed…

4. Mechanical lubricant

If you’re relying on any tools with moving parts, a little bit of chapstick lubricant can keep everything working smoothly. This goes for things like zippers as well. If the zippers on your clothing or pack has gotten gunked up with dirt and grime, chapstick can oil those suckers up quicker than a spritz of WD40.

5. Waterproofing

If you get caught out in a storm and everything in your pack is getting soaked, lip balm can be used in a pinch to keep water from soaking through. If you have enough to cover the entire surface of your pack (or tent, or poncho, or jacket) then great. If you don’t, then just concentrate on the areas that are getting the most wet. You can also use chapstick to plug small holes through which water might be dripping. Theoretically, you could also use it to patch an inflatable raft, but I’m not going to try it (sorry chapstick, I only trust you so far).

So before you set out on that hike, be sure to take some lip balm along with you. In fact, it couldn’t hurt to stash a few tubes away in your emergency food storage as well. You’d feel pretty silly if the only thing between you and survival was thumb sized container of chapstick, and you just didn’t happen to have one.

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  1. Fantastic info! I had no idea that lip balm could be so handy. Definitely sharing this so others can learn these handy tricks!

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