Lighting Ideas: Creating the Perfect Coffee Shop Environment

Lighting Ideas - Creating the Perfect Coffee Shop EnvironmentThe coffee shop has rapidly become one of the most frequented establishments over the past decade. This perhaps can be owed to the rising demand for go-to places that provide complimentary unlimited Internet connection for the price of a few cups of good coffee.

The role of cafés in our lives today

But aside from the complimentary WiFi connection and the coffee, people flock to coffee shops for another essential reason: their ambience. Meeting important clients, studying, and working away from the office are just few of the many reasons that make people pick the coffee shop as the place to be. These endeavors are just easier and more convenient to carry out especially if the environment in the shop is set perfectly.

Why lighting matters

One of the elements that have the heaviest influences on the overall look and feel of coffee shops is lighting. Have you noticed how these shops seem to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside and are sometimes the best places to be in during the rainy days? Or has it been that you are more productive at work when you are in a remote work space which is somewhere in a quiet nook of your local coffee shop?

Lighting plays a massive role in the conduciveness of any particular room or space. There has even been a study which showed that many people are happier and more efficient when in places with excellent lighting conditions. This is because lighting is influential to the mood, energy, and functionality.

And since the coffee shop may serve different functions to different people, it has to have a lighting set-up that is not only adequate, but as well versatile. Below are some lighting fixtures that would do perfectly in a typical coffee shop:

1. Pendant lights

These are lights that provide overhead coverage to a certain room. They usually come in shades that are connected to the tip of a rod or chain, falling from the ceiling and suspended in the air. Foscarini lighting has a lot of this type of light source.

2. Wall sconces

This type of fixture is usually installed in places where the goal is to produce a relaxing effect. If you own a coffee shop, it’s best to use wall sconces as ambient lighting which will be helpful in reducing the stress levels of people. There are now a number of reliable suppliers of stylish and energy-efficient wall sconces.

3. Floor lamps

Floor lamps can be both decorative or task-oriented. This means that you can have them if you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your interior, or if you’d like to provide a good task light to certain customers. They can even work as both! Floor lamps are generally versatile, so investing on their lot would most likely be a worthy investment.

4. LED lights

Add accent lighting to your coffee shop by installing under-the-cabinet LED lights. This can be done in an endeavor to beautify what would be an otherwise bland environment. The great thing about LED lights is that they are energy-efficient and are a cheaper alternative to pricey designer lights.

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