How To Upgrade Your Bathroom And Save Money In The Process

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom And Save Money In The Process

Renovation projects in your bathroom can cost you countless amounts of money and take long periods of time to complete, but there are easy alternatives to full-renovation projects. Simply updating aspects of your bathroom will allow you to achieve a more appealing look and even put some extra money back in your pocket. Saving money isn’t just reserved for coupon queens; instead everyone can join in on savings possible by upgrading your bathroom cheaply.

Ventilation Fan Can Add Convenience

Added luxuries can improve the look and feel of any bathroom. Instead of entering a noisy and steamy bathroom after a hot shower, you can simply install a ventilation fan that has a sone rating. This sone rating will allow for quiet operation and steady air flow that ventilates your entire bathroom. This small addition can have amazing results and is such a simple job that you can most likely handle installation on your own.

Choose Stock Cabinetry

New cabinets can change the entire style and appeal of any bathroom, but they are often really expensive. So if you are looking to save a couple bucks you should go to your local Depot store and check out the available stock cabinetry options. If you ask about damaged cabinets you may be able to snag an incredible deal. Simply replace the top and your damaged cabinetry will be good as new. This will allow you to achieve the look of a new bathroom without the large price tag.

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom And Save Money In The Process

Conserve Water And Save

If you are considering updating your bathroom faucet, you should look into having an environmentally friendly option installed. These eco option faucets will save you money on your water bill by decreasing water flow by more than 30%. The initial cost may be more expensive, but over time you will save a lot of money. These eco options are still highly stylish and look like normal faucet applications.

Make Cleaning Easier

Mildew and soap scum build-up quickly on shower doors and stalls. This can make your bathroom look unattractive and leave you with an increased chore list. However, you can eliminate these problems by updating your bathroom with shower doors made by Sterling. These Sterling show doors come with a clean-coat treatment that is somewhat water resistant. This keeps surface water droplets from causing mildew and soap scum on your shower door. If a new shower door is too expensive for your taste, simply splurge and get a new shower curtain. The same concept basically applies.

How To Upgrade Your Bathroom And Save Money In The Process

New Knobs Are Like Jewelry

Accessories are cheap items that can greatly impact the look of any bathroom. Purchase a new towel rack or replace cabinetry knobs to instantly and affordably reinvent the whole style of your bathroom.

Painless Paint Job

A gallon of paint is a small investment at just $30.00, but can go a long way. Simply painting your bathroom a new bright color can transform the room and create an updated look.

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