How Social Media is Boosting Small Business Websites

How Social Media is Boosting Small Business Websites

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As everyone knows, it’s extremely hard for small businesses to compete with big brands and high street chains. They just don’t have the same marketing spend to pull in the customers like the big boys do. And in the current climate attracting new customers, which will hopefully lead to increased sales, is crucial.

However, it doesn’t take a huge billboard ad to engage with customers – more and more, social media is having a big impact on drawing sales in through word-of-mouth.

Social media has helped to give small businesses a voice and a presence alongside popular brands that they weren’t able to achieve before. For little or no cost using such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, social media can have a real impact on small businesses by using the following:

  • Upbeat posts about your products
  • Savvy giveaways in exchange for likes or retweets
  • Regular updates and monitoring of your success

Connecting customers to your SME website

By using social media to link out to your small business websiteyou are firstly inspiring them through your social channels, and then connecting them directly to your website to make a sale. It’s that simple – and effective.

The power of social media is that it helps businesses reach out to customers and engage on an informal level – and when they are just relaxing and may not have any intention of shopping. This means that they are at the ‘inspire me’ stage and so rather than selling to them, you are simply engaging with them.

Social media is also a very powerful because it often encourages people to become ‘influencers’, by recommending products to their friends – and everybody knows that this is the best endorsement a brand can get! If someone’s friend suggests a business to them, they are far more likely to check them out.

Making sure your website’s ready for visitors

So when you get your customers over to your website, you want to ensure that all of the brand personality you have shown in your social media posts comes across in your small business website design. A few tips in order to help you do this are:

  • Write down ideas for how you want it to look
  • Think about your brand personality
  • Use the social media personal touch with forms and easy-to-find contact info
  • Make your website as easy as possible to navigate

So ‘join the conversation’ (as they say in the business) and get social media savvy so that you can reap the many benefits that are there waiting, through customer service and brand management.

Small businesses cannot afford to miss out on social media.

Martin Crutchley is a 20-something tech and digital marketing enthusiast who enjoys the odd cup of earl grey and climbing extremely high things on the weekend, you can usually find him on the web over at sharing insights and other industry related musings.

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