Home Remodeling Tips for the Cold Holidays

Home Remodeling Tips for the Cold HolidaysThe Christmas season is perhaps among the most looked forward time of the year. Months before December, people excitedly prepare for the holidays not only by shopping for gifts and wrapping them in colorful papers and Christmas ribbons, but also by sprucing up the house to make it look and feel more in-season.

Home remodeling for the holidays can be an exciting project; however, you also need up-to-date knowledge about trends in interior design. Remember, it shouldn’t just be about wreaths, greens and reds, or Christmas stockings; the overall design should be versatile so that it lasts even after the holiday season.

Here are some home remodelling tips that you can use for the holidays:

1. Repainting the walls in key areas can go a long way.

While it may be a little over-the-top to paint your walls a striking Christmas green, you can go for cream-colored walls that go well with bolder Christmas colors like rich reds and greens. This neutral color will also be easy to decorate even after the holidays when the Christmas accents have to go. Cream is light to the eyes and is a versatile color so you won’t have to worry about having to repaint soon after.

2. A lighting overhaul can make the holidays brighter and warmer.

Since it’s a season for parties, family gatherings, and big celebrations, create a brighter home environment that will not only liven up spirits, but will also give a sense of warmth amidst the cold, wintry air. Wall sconces give that soft, welcoming glow especially when you have dimmer switches to adjust the dimness and brightness with.

3. Prettify your mantel.

There are a lot of ways to make this nook a tad more interesting; you can simply add silver or leafy accents for that classic Christmas vibe, or scour the Internet for unique mantel decorating ideas. You can even do a complete overhaul of your fireplace mantel! Just visit http://www.mantelsdirect.com for fireplace materials, accessories, and decors.

4. Don’t be afraid to break the mold.

Has the age-old concept of Christmas tree and the multi-colored series lights twirled around it become boring to you? Don’t hesitate to experiment! Doing something unique and unconventional can be a refreshing way to give your home a new look for the holidays. And not only that, they can turn out to be good conversation starters during parties too! So ditch the pine tree and hang your series lights from the ceiling so that they drop freely in mid-air, and hang some stringed accents as well for added color and variety.

5. Have your couch reupholstered.

Holiday shopping can really drain out the wallet so if you’re looking to remodel for less, then go for the less expensive options like reupholstering the sofa set instead of buying a new one. Not only do you get to save some bucks to squeeze in some more presents on your shopping list, you also have the pleasure of choosing the fabric, texture, and design of your new living room set!

Cedric Loiselle is a passionate writer for the home improvement niche. He enjoys sharing unique, useful, and up-to-date information to his readers.

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