Health Tips For Students

Health Tips For StudentsUniversity is an exciting and life-changing experience that if you have the chance to try out, you certainly must. Not only will you forward your education in a field you can make a career out of, but combined with all the new people you meet and all the different social and personal adventures you’ll go on, three years away from home really is worth the journey.

When it comes to keeping your body at optimal performance at university, that’s another question altogether! With all the partying, late nights, early starts and junk food that university is renowned for, your body is going to be taking a battering during the first few weeks of your introductory year. If you don’t join any sports teams either, you’ll run the risk of putting on weight and becoming unhealthy. Let’s take a look at some top health tips for students looking to keep trim at university.


During freshers’ week, you’re going to be going out – a lot. From cubs and bars to house parties, you’re going to be coming home in the early hours looking for something to eat. You’re also going to be waking up with sore heads, meaning you’re dehydrated, so having plenty of water by your bedside is important.

Most students get a student loan that they’ll have to make last from term to term, but that doesn’t mean you should put the smallest portion aside for cheap food. In order to keep healthy at university, you’re going to have to eat healthy, and that means keeping up with your daily fruit and vegetable commitments. Meat, although expensive these days, is also key to keeping your muscles strong, however there are other foods which are high in protein other than steaks. A slice of brown toast with peanut butter in the mornings is far better than a bowl of cereal.

Additionally, try your best to avoid the kebab shops on your way home from the bars. To entice students, kebab houses lower their prices in the early hours to get rid of the last of the meats, however if you knew what was actually in these meats, you’d stay well clear! It’s all about high quality student living when trying to keep healthy at university,  and as long as you surround yourself with good food you’re half way there.

Sports Teams

University is a great place to become sporty, even if you’ve never been sporty before. There are teams for everything, from hockey to badminton, and all you need to do is sign up for a duty of care card to attend training. Even a 1-2 hour session of training each week can help you to keep healthy, as long as you eat healthy too. If you’re not comfortable with playing sports, then long walks can help to keep the fat off. Instead of getting the bus or driving to university, cycle! Getting involved in sport doesn’t have to be completive at university, and there are also societies to help you get active.

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