Cell Phone Monitoring Apps: How To Work Efficiently With These Apps?

Cell Phone Monitoring Apps How To Work Efficiently With These AppsUsing cell phone monitoring apps is pretty easy; it’s just the process that may be a bit lengthy. See the basic problem is that these are pretty different from usual apps.

They are different to use and they are different to install as well. The main reason they are like that is because unlike usual apps they need to stay hidden and do all their work in the background without raising any suspicion.

This is done solely so that the app may not be deleted or disabled, and that monitoring continues without any lags.

Downloading With Ease:

Usually most of the apps that are available through direct download have the same installation process; it’s fairly the same for Androids and BlackBerry devices. You enter a URL in the browser, download the app, install it, then go through with the activation, and after a couple more steps you are done with it. However, when it comes to iPhones or the iOS that is a different matter since you cannot download Apps from another source except the App store which is why you will have to perform a jailbreak before you can monitor that iDevice. If it’s already jail broken then you will be able to install it without any further delay.

A Performer:

Although there are a lot of apps that are available in the market, not all of them are what you can say performers. In fact most of them will advertise more and when it comes to actual usage you will find that they lack a lot. This is why I’m going to suggest that you go with StealthGenie, it has the necessary features and it works like a charm.

Working Options:

It works on Android devices including tablets, BlackBerry and on iPhone smartphones as well. This makes it a great option due to the amount of platforms and devices it can run on. It goes further by giving some really impressive options that include close to real time locational route tracking along with platform specific options such as BBM, PIN messages, and iMessages.

The Amazing Features:

It has the usual features such as giving you access to call logs, contacts, SMS logs, WhatsApp logs, installed app logs, photos, videos, music, browsing history, appointments and a lot more. It even takes the burden of monitoring off your shoulders by allowing you to set triggers and alerts. This basically lets you put StealthGenie on autopilot and you are alerted of any suspicious activity right away.

This is a great app that can be utilized by employers and parents, and it even stays affordable so you can monitor multiple people! So what are you waiting for? Start doing something for the one you love!

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