Best Ways To Customize Your Smartphone

Best Ways To Customize Your SmartphoneIf you’re like most people, your smartphone is everything. It’s your way to stay connected to those in your contacts and with the rest of the world. Your calendar, contacts, games, and everything else is inside of the phone.

It’s yours to help you make phone calls, send texts, find out what restaurants are nearby, take photos of friends, and everything else, depending upon what apps you have. That said, changing up the way your phone looks and functions is a great way to make your life even easier and your phone usage that much more enjoyable.

Here are some great ways to customize your smartphone in every regard.

Personalize the Exterior

The exterior of your smartphone probably looks like everyone else’s smartphone. It’s either white or black and has a touchscreen. If you lose your phone and that’s the description you give to lost and found, you can bet that you will never see the phone ever again.

There are plenty of cases on the market to allow you some customizations. The cases can be hard or soft and depict virtually anything. It can be a favorite color, favorite sports team, or even feature a cartoon character. More and more stores are even allowing you to customize with your own images. That way, should you misplace your phone, everyone will know whose phone it is because it will have your mug on it.

Cases can cost upward of $20 and can be well worth the investment – especially if it ever gets misplaced.

Personalize the Safety Features

When you’re not on your phone, you want to make sure no one else can get on your phone, either. You are probably logged into all of your social media apps. You don’t want anyone posting on your Facebook page without permission. You also don’t want anyone accessing your emails, your bank records, or anything else that you use your smartphone for.

Regardless of whether you have an Android, an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or anything else, there are lock screens. Some are a swipe of the finger, others require a password or passkey. You want to customize with some safety feature that is not generic. Go ahead and create a password or PIN on the phone so that no one can get into it.

If you leave your phone as the generic safety feature, you have the same way to unlock your phone as a million other people. This means that it’s not nearly as secure as you think it is. More phones have a variety of safety features to choose from, so you can choose the lock screen that you like best.

Personalize the Content

The content on your smartphone needs to be customized as well. There are some basics that all phones are provided – phone dialer, contacts, notes, and calendar. After that, you may not have much in the apps department. There are enough free apps out there that you can customize your phone without spending a penny. All you have to do is spend about 10 minutes in the app store to download all of the apps that will make your life easier.

Think about apps in the following categories:

– Business

– Photography

– Games

– Note taking

– Social media

– TV/Movie Watching

– Music

– Things to Do

You can find apps that will help you organize your meetings, let you smash birds into pigs, update your Facebook profile, listen to Internet radio, and even order a pizza. When you have more apps on your smartphone, it allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips. Everyone has their favorite apps and you can have yours, too – as long as you take the time to download them. Your phone won’t have them when you first buy it.

Customizations are important. Smart phones aren’t cheap, so you might as well take the time to customize your phone once you get it. Some basic customizations can go a long way in keeping your phone safe from prying eyes and make it identifiable as your phone instead of someone else’s. You’re probably going to choose the same make and model as someone else you know, so if you don’t want them to walk away with your phone by accident, you have to take action to customize it to what you like.

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