The Benefits of Private Rehab Clinics

The Benefits of Private Rehab ClinicsThousands of drug and alcohol abusers seek treatment for their problems every year but, despite their best efforts and the hard work and support of those treating them, failure is all too common, especially among those who try to kick the habit at home or who use outpatient facilities. For the greatest chance of success, abusers should enter rehab clinics.

Abusers have a choice between state-funded and private rehab clinics. Although the former run an excellent service within the constraints of the public system, private clinics offer advantages that make them well worth the extra expense:

  • Treatment at state-funded clinics is subject to availability. There is always a high demand for services at state clinics so it is very probable that you will have to go on a waiting list before you can access treatment. Generally, private rehab clinics do not have this problem, meaning that normally you can begin treatment as and when you wish.
  • While all treatment is tailored to the needs of individual patients, you will have more choice by going private. You may have your own ideas about treatment strategies – perhaps you prefer some alternative therapies or there is a new treatment available. It is likely that only a private rehab clinic will be able to match your requirements.
  • State-funded clinics are very busy places. Staff have to divide their time among a good number of patients, which means that not all patients will be able to receive the attention they need when they need it. Private rehab clinics do not have this problem. Patient-staff ratios are such that patients get the best support possible at all times.
  • Environment is an important aspect of addiction treatment. Private clinics are usually located in pleasant surroundings away from the stresses of daily life and away from the influences that contributed to addiction. Many are located in the peace and quiet of country areas where patients can enjoy peace and tranquillity.
  • Limited funding in state-funded clinics means that facilities are sometimes insufficient, are in need of maintenance or are out of date. In the private sector, on the other hand, patients can expect only the best. Many private rehab clinics boast facilities that could match a good hotel – gymnasium, sauna, private rooms and so on. The level of comfort is high, providing an excellent environment for recovery.
  • Private rehab clinics are usually well away from prying eyes, so that your privacy is assured and is protected far beyond what a public clinic can offer.
  • If you are prepared to pay for private treatment, then you also have the option to attend a clinic overseas. A completely new environment away from surrounding that may be problematic or are reminders of tough times will be beneficial to treatment.

Make no mistake – state-funded rehab clinics do an excellent job under difficult circumstances, but private rehab clinics can offer a level of treatment and service that state clinics just cannot match. In the end, they offer full value for the extra outlay and a much better chance of a successful outcome.

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