A Guide to Tuxedos

A Guide to TuxedosTuxedos, or tuxes to use their colloquial name, are the formal wear of choice for men who attend events like dinner parties and weddings. One reason why lots of men like tuxedos more than other kinds of formal male clothing, is because they are very simple. All men look respectable in well sewn tuxedos.

Tuxedos get their instant aesthetic appeal and richness from the flawless color coordination of the different components: the white shirt, black or white bow tie, black jacket and black pants, or the combination of red or white bow tie, white shirt, cream pants and a cream coat or jacket. Apart from the attractive color combination of the components, tuxedos are available in many different sizes as well. As a result, all men, regardless of their physical proportions, can locate a nicely fitting tux to wear. The key to appearing sharp and dashing in any clothes (which includes formal wear like tuxedos) is to only wear garments that fit you well.

These days, it is hard to locate a good tailor to make customized clothes. Indeed, even if you are fortunate enough to find one, it is extremely costly to get a customized outfit made, compared to just purchasing a similar outfit from either a traditional clothing store, or an online store. An easier and more affordable way of obtaining an outfit that fits you well, is to know what your clothes size and physical measurements are.

Certainly, to purchase a nicely fitting tux, you need to know what size you are for each component of the outfit, like your vest size, pant size, shirt size and jacket size. Thus, it is important to measure the different parts of your physique that are used to gauge the size of these components. For instance, to work out the size of your shirt, you should measure round your neck, as well as the length of your arms. You calculate the size of your jacket by measuring round your chest and over arm. The size of your vest is based on your jacket size. For the size of your pants, measure your pant length (out seam) and round your waist. There are numerous YouTube videos that will guide you through making these measurements. Alternatively, you could always get a relative or friend to carry out these measurements on your behalf.

It is a personal choice as to whether you buy or hire a tuxedo. You should make this choice depending on your available funds and your social calendar. If you go to multiple weddings/dinner parties every year, it could be wiser to purchase your own tux, instead of hiring one out. Then again, if you virtually never attend formal events, hiring a tux whenever the need presents itself might be the best option. Picking the appropriate size for every component of a tux is the secret to appearing handsome in one. Follow the above advice, and you will look smart and irresistible the next time you attend a formal event.

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