2014’s Biggest Bathroom Trends

2014's Biggest Bathroom TrendsWe all like to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to design trends, so it’s about time we started thinking about what 2014 will bring for us in terms of our homes. We’re focusing on bathrooms, as these rooms tend to be neglected in our interior design exploits, and it’s high time we reclaimed the bathroom as a stylish space which fits in well with the rest of the house. Read on to find out more about what will be big in the bathrooms of 2014.

Bathrooms next year are getting all grown up. We’re seeing a departure from the shabby chic look which has invaded almost every room in the house since the mid-00s and we are seeing a return to sleek, sophisticated bathrooms. The ‘spa at home’ will take off more than ever before, with luxury items like saunas and steam rooms entering the domestic bathroom. People might feel less willing to splash out on a spa break, so the spa will come to them.

The shapes of the 2014 bathroom are based heavily on liquid and fluidity. We won’t be seeing strong, angular shapes next year. Instead there is a softness which makes the bathroom feel like a much calmer space. And while we’re at it, space will become more important too. Floating-style sinks will be a bathroom staple, providing us with more storage space underneath to get the clutter out of the bathroom.

Colour will be out in 2014. Instead we’ll be looking at more muted, elegant palettes consisting of black and white, steel grey and earthy browns. We will be seeing a lot of mosaic and textures, which can be worked into a design in the form of a stylish backsplash for a subtle flash of visual interest.

Japanese minimalism will be the words on everyone’s lips, with serenity being the main objective of the bathroom. Large mirrors will open the space up and encourage light to flow around the room, and waterfall-style showers will grow in popularity. Vanity chests will give a dressing room edge to bathrooms for a more luxurious feel, and modern, cherry blossom-esque lights will cascade from ceilings, almost as a work of art.

Controversially, we could be seeing wallpaper return to the bathroom, though the practicalities of this may not work for everyone. If you’re going to do it, stick to one feature wall in the best ventilated part of the room, and make sure it isn’t adjacent to the bath or shower where moisture will accumulate and ruin the wallpaper.

Paula Glamorgan writes for a number of interior style publications on the latest trends and fashions in bathroom design.

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