2 Simple Tips for your Post-Holiday Beauty

The summer is coming to an end and the lucky ones still have a few weeks to spend enjoying a well deserved vacation full of sunbathing, relaxing days and a proper time for themselves.. on the other hand, for someone else it’s time to get back to the office.

Do not worry, we know that the return can be tough for a few weeks as we continue to daydream thatched umbrellas, the golden sand and the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline – that is actually called “post-vacation syndrome”, other instead call it “post-holidays blues”. The most important thing to do to get over it, is treating yourself to a moment of relaxation and beauty and return to the office full of energy with a neat and relaxed look.

Let’s have a try together by browsing unique beauty treatments on Blomming, a lovely website that I discovered “on my way back to the office”, and find a good solution to begin our beauty journey!

So let us begin by focusing on skin and hair.

Tips for your Skin

Tips for your Skin

Summer is my favorite season, full of light and color, but it is also one in which I feel more the need to take care of my body. The sun, salt and heat make your skin lose a lot of fluids so that it can easily appear more dehydrated and dry, creating unpleasant aesthetic effects on our beautiful tanned legs and body.

Thus it is important to use a good scrub that will eliminate dead skin cells and give breath to your skin. There are many products you can find that can have a good scrub action, from the more classic scent of coconut, natural ones completely organic with natural essences or you could think of a totally natural products that can be prepared at home. At this point we have to restore the skin moisture, which absorb so in a better way. The moisturizers available are numerous, it is important to choose one that best suits your needs. For dry or sensitive skin the best treatments are rich in soothing substances, on the other hand for normal skins it is better a light cream that would restore softness to the skin without making it greasy, for mixed or oily skins it should be used a cream that is not too nourishing, balancing and soothing, without oils, that is purifying and astringent.

And what about your tan? Well, if you are like me too and want to go back to the office showing off a golden tan that will remain as long as possible while looking nice and rested, you can use a specific shower gel able to hold your complexion, helping maybe with some suntan lotion.

Tips for your Hair

Tips for your Hair

The hair is probably the part of your body which suffers the most from the action of the sun and salt water. In fact it is best to protect it with appropriate oils and creams as they provide a film resistant layer to UV rays.

Once you come back from holidays, a good practice is cuddling a little our hairs to heal them from damage and give them immediately new life and luster. We’d start by applying nourishing products such as argan keratin or clay as well as natural products that can enhance the natural shades of the hair. After that, combining the use of a shampoo will allow to maintain the filling action and the creation of a protective film around the fibers. Finally it is recommended to use a natural conditioner to keep your hairs untangled and bright in subsequent washes.

 Well, that said you can actually spend hours browsing treatments tailored to yourself and start putting in practice our tips for your own personal post-holidays beauty care sessions.

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