Which is the best hatchback to buy?

Which is the best hatchback to buy?In the year 2013, hatchbacks are a popular choice among those looking to buy a new car. Hatchbacks go back much further, though: Citroën was the first to introduce such a car, way back in 1938. Since then, the distinctive hatchback design has retained its popularity in a big way.

Though easily mistaken for a station wagon, there are some basic differences. A station wagon typically emphasizes cargo and passenger room. A hatchback, on the other hand, typically favours style instead of cargo room. What this means for the owner of the car is that a hatchback is potentially more versatile, offering the best of both worlds: they can be sporty and attractive as well as useful for hauling cargo and passengers.

In the UK, one of the most noteworthy examples of the hatchback is the Vauxhall Adam available at Bristol Street Motors, a highly customizable hatchback that combines – in Vauxhall’s own words – “bold design and pure individuality.” In keeping with that design philosophy, just about every feature on the Adam – inside and out – can be customized according to your style and preference, from the exterior paint colour all the way to seat material and steering wheel colour.

Featuring a distinctive and highly modern design, the Adam is a great choice for anybody looking for a car that truly is an extension of their personality. The Adam also features a highly compact design, offering a low profile and excellent agility, making it the perfect choice for the urban driver. When taking on passengers or extra cargo, the Adam’s three-door design offers easy access to the second row of seats. The Adam is also highly affordable, with new packages starting around £11,255.

Another popular hatchback choice, worldwide, is the Ford Fiesta available at Bristol Street Motors. Like most hatchbacks, the Fiesta represents an excellent fusion of versatility and attractive looks. An immediate advantage that the Fiesta has over the Adam is its four-door design, though for some hatchback owners the extra door won’t make a great deal of difference. The Fiesta also boasts best-in-class fuel economy, offering up to 30 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the motorway.

The Fiesta sports a hugely appealing and well-appointed interior, offering more room for driver and passengers than one might expect from a car this size. One more advantage the Fiesta has over its counterpart from Vauxhall is its price: the Fiesta starts at around £9300.

Whatever choice you make, a hatchback is sure to turn some heads and give you the balance you’ve been looking for between style and substance. It has been a firm favourite around the world for decades. It is likely to continue in popularity with the current economic climate as more people are looking to cut down on costs. Whichever hatchback you decide to go for you will be more than happy with your purchase.

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