Top Tips to Dress Sensitive Kids

Top Tips to Dress Sensitive KidsDressing kids who have sensitive skin can be a battle at times. It’s true that children love to throw tantrums while dressing, but many a times they genuinely get irritatedby certain clothes. For example, tags on shirt result in itching or sometimes tight elastic leaves red marks around the waist. In such situations, you need to understand the sensitivity of kid’s skin and should make him/her dress accordingly. Following are the tips to deal with dressing troubles of sensitive kids, kindly have a look.

Some exercises and some games

Studies have revealed that when kids are made to do some work either in the form of little exercises or games, then their sensitiveness can be reduced. Indulge the child in physical activities and see the difference. As soon as the level of sensitivity reduces, the kid will get dressed up more easily.

The softer the better

The softer baby clothing fabric is very gentle on the skin. It allows the skin to breathe properly and therefore it is recommended to get soft clothing for kids. Avoid clothes with heavy embroideries and work; keep them light and simple. Further, you can also try hand-me-downs as they are softer. There are various online kids’ stores that deal in hand-me-downs and you can shop from them.

Let the kid select

At times it’s not the fabric that irritates the kid; rather, it is the imposed styling that he or she refuses to carry. Let the kid decide what he or she wishes to wear. Yes, there are chances that they will end up picking up something wrong, but then you will be there to guide them. However, remember only guide them for making good selections, don’t impose your decision. Kids love to wear dresses of their own choice.

Comfortable undergarments are most important

Undergarments are the most important kids’ wear. Getting the wrong brief for your child simply means killing his or her entire day. The kid will stay irritated the whole day and thusit’s essential to check the fabric of undergarments as well. In addition to the briefs, the child must also have the right socks that don’t bundle up in his or her shoes.

Teach the social norms of dressing

Children must knowabout socially proper and improper dressing.Make him/her understand that there are different clothes as per different occasion and places. While a visit to the beach the kid needs to leave the sneakers behind and during a walk in the rain he/she needs to put on the rain boots.

Sound sleep with comfortable nightwear

Night suites and pajamas are equally important children’s wear.A cranky kid in bed will always stay irritated, and therefore make sure that your child enjoys a healthy sleep. For the same, let him or her wear cotton pajamas that are soft and don’t cause itching. Sound sleep means healthy kid, and healthy kid means happy kid who wouldn’t give a tough time while you will make him or her wear a dress.

Skin of kids is way too sensitive than of adults; thus, there is always a need for special care and attention. Further, kids have the right to be choosy after all they are your little prince and princess. As far as dressing is concerned, all you need to do is show a little understanding towards kids and their skin type, and keep in mind the above mentioned tips.

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