Top Attractions in Philadelphia

Top Attractions in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is one of the most important cities in America’s founding and history. The First and Second Continental Congresses met in Philadelphia, leading the way to America’s independence from Britain. On July 4, 1776, the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, and shortly after the Liberty Bell rang to summon citizens to hear the Declaration.

Furthermore, it became the first capital of the United States, from 1790-1800 and is where the Constitution was debated and ratified.

The rich history of Philadelphia provides it with beautiful architecture and important sites for any history buff or patriot to visit. However, Philadelphia also offers many other attractions for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. If you make the trek to Philadelphia, you will want to be sure to visit these top attractions.

Historical Architecture

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities; therefore, it has some beautiful historical buildings that should be on your list of sites to see. The first international skyscraper built in America, by William Lescaze and George Howe, was built in 1932 in Philadelphia. Originally the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building, it is now the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, one of the city center’s most luxurious and hospitable hotels. Other important architectural sites include Christ Church, built in the early 1700s; the Betsy Ross House, a great example of a colonial working woman’s home; the Second Bank of the United States, which now has portraits by Charles Wilson Peale; City Hall, the largest municipal building built in 1871; and Elfreth’s Alley, the nation’s oldest residential street.

U.S. History

With Philadelphia’s importance in the United State’s history, any visit must include a few historically significant locations. The Liberty Bell and its famous crack is a must on any tourist’s list. Additionally, you should check Independence Hall, the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, where you are led by historical re-enactors on guided tours. If you want to see more about the declaration, you can visit the Declaration House, where Jefferson wrote it. Furthermore, the National Constitution Center explores the history of the constitution with changing exhibits. If you want to learn more about Benjamin Franklin, then a visit to the American Philosophical Society Museum is in order.

Non-Historical Attractions

Although Philadelphia is seeped in history, it has plenty of attractions for those who do not wish to spend their entire visit remembering history. For family fun, you can take the kids to the Philadelphia Zoo, which was the nation’s first zoo, or you can visit Sesame Place, a theme park based on Sesame Street. If you are interested in art, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where you can see priceless works of arts by various masters and also re-enact the famous scene from Rocky on the stairs. For some greenery, visit the Fairmont Park, which is actually made up of 63 separate parks throughout the city. For unique shopping, visit the Reading Terminal Market, where you can purchase food, Amish hand crafts, jewelry, and more.

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