Top 5 Ways Hospitals Can Recognize Their Best Nurses

Top 5 Ways Hospitals Can Recognize Their Best NursesNurses handle almost every aspect of patient care and are the ones primarily responsible for ensuring patients receive the best care possible. Because of this, having a team of well trained nurses keeping patients healthy and happy is the cornerstone of a well-run medical practice.

The goal for recognizing nurses should not only be nurse retention but should also ensure that nurses feel respected and appreciated. Nurses who feel they are part of a growing, evolving and challenging field, one that they are an integral part of and have influence over, are nurses who will not only stay but excel.

To reach this goal you should first get to know your nursing staff individually.

Find out a few key pieces of information about each nurse such as favorite color, family members, favorite foods and what they do to relax. Next, pay attention to your staff during the day so you can provide immediate recognition for a job well done and make such recognition personalized and public. You should always hand sign any notes, cards, personal letters and awards to add a caring personal touch.

For public recognition, take into account your nurses personalities. For shy nurses, giving them a plaque to display is a better alternative than to have everyone congratulate them at a luncheon. For nurses with a sweet tooth, giving them a basket of goodies to share with the rest of the staff is a perfect gift. It shows you understand your nurses well enough to personalize the gift and a gift that can be shared reinforces teamwork and communication.

If your nursing team enjoys games, create a points system where they can earn treats such as a thirty minute break where you cover their shift, catered lunches, paid days off and recognition in the hospital newsletter.

Create a safe working environment where nurses feel comfortable speaking about problems or concerns.

Health services management with open door policies find that doing so eases office tension. An open door policy also allows for any issues to be broached immediately before they become compounded or cause serious conflict. Managers need to be approachable and flexible in order to deal with the variety of personalities in their nursing staff. Nursing managers should consider themselves as part of collaboration with their nurses.

Schedule regular times to check in with your nursing staff.

Regular lunches or short weekly sessions to touch base with your nursing staff is an invaluable way to ensure that nurses are an empowered part of the decision making process. Create meetings where any issues that are brought up, immediately go from being problems to becoming a plan for change. Get the entire nursing team involved in the process of understanding the issue and resolving it.

Professional development opportunities.

As an additional incentive for nursing excellence, offer nurses who regularly excel an award that will add to their professional development. Examples of appropriate awards are a subscription to a nursing journal, a trip to a nursing seminar or classes that will advance their career.

Advancement opportunities.

When a member of your nursing staff has repeatedly been recognized for excellence, find a way to promote them. If there are no available positions for them to move into, then, offer a pay raise or additional perks for their achievements. Other options are to give them a leadership position in the staff or to customize their workload to include more of the duties they find rewarding and or challenging.

Nurses are leaders in ensuring patient safety, creating order out of chaos and improving health care quality so take time out to recognize these amazing people today.

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