Top 5 Strategies to Save Money In Bad Times

Top 5 Strategies to Save Money In Bad TimesEveryone likes to save a little wherever possible. Ask yourself… What are you doing right now that is helping to save you money? If your answer is not a lot, or that you don’t know how to… Read on!

1. Make a shopping list! It may sound simple… And it is. When you are preparing for your weekly shop, make sure you have a list of everything you need. Have all of the essentials covered and be sure to pre-plan your meals, this way you will not feel the need to stray away from what you actually need to what you want, like those chocolate biscuits that are on offer… Do you really need them? Your answer is likely going to be no, you really don’t.

Supermarkets spend a fortune researching news ways of making us part with our cash, so be a savvy spender and say NO! Be sure to shop around for the best deal. Go to your local market, where you can get great quality products for less, and you are also supporting your local traders.

2. Money saving coupons. There are so many offers that you are not taking any notice off and you’re losing out on hundreds of savings. Be sure to clip out any coupons from your newspapers and magazines. There is now more and more of us shopping online, be smart and check for coupon codes. At Coupon codes raja you can save money on a whole host of items and services. Always be sure to check for coupons before getting your credit out, why pay more if you don’t have to? Join the thousands of other people making savings on everyday essentials today!

3. Cash back schemes. In this day and age there is a plethora of shops, services and banks that are fighting for our money. We are here to tell you to fight back and get your cash back! Choose a debit or credit card that offers you cash back when you use it, use cash-back sites in conjunction with your coupons for extra savings!

4. Have a clear out! We all have “stuff” shoved in draws that never sees the light of day. Put a day aside to clear your house of unwanted junk and unwanted presents. Once you have a box full, get yourself an EBay account and get selling. Your unwanted items could become someone else’s treasure. Don’t be disheartened if items don’t sell in the first 10 days, get them relisted. It’s quick and easy and you can make a lot of money.

5. Monitor your energy bills. Be sure to turn off the lights, turn off the water when you brush your teeth, invest in a thermos to save extra water that’s been boiled, and use a cold wash when doing your laundry. Don’t leave items on standby, as they are still costing you money. If your not using an electrical item, turn it off! We all take our tap water for granted, so why not install a water meter. If you have a large home with few occupants you may be surprised to learn you could halve your annual bill.

Follow these simple tips and you can use your savings in the right place, rather than letting large companies making a greater profit from your hard earned cash.

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