Top 5 Gifts For Newlyweds

Top 5 Gifts For NewlywedsEvery year, millions of us are invited to weddings, from family and friends to our acquaintances’ big day. Not only is there immediate pressure to look good, but there’s also the issue of the dreaded wedding present – just what are you meant to buy?

No matter whom you’re buying for, or what your relation is to them, the present has to be something thoughtful and useful, however that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune on it.

Let’s take a look at some of the top gifts to buy newlyweds this year!

Cool Coffee and Tea Jars

As newlyweds will have a home of their own, why not brighten up their kitchen with a set of cool coffee and tea jars. These little jars can be found in every kitchen, however they’re also very inconspicuous, meaning detailed thought rarely goes into what they look like. They’re kept hidden away until you need a tea or coffee to perk you up – so why not choose a set or visually striking jars to perk up the kitchen too! From china to porcelain, there are a number of material and designs which can spice up any space, and they’re also kind on the wallet as well.

Photobook Album

No matter what the occasion or who you’re buying for, a photobook album is always a safe bet for a present.  With newlyweds especially, they’ll need a place to store all their photos taken on the day, so a photobook is the perfect present to help them to start savouring their first days and memories. From leatherback to a vast selection of colours and storage options, come in a number of designs and can be picked up pretty cheap.

Pictures are also a cheap but memorable gift for newlyweds, so be sure to check out the latest canvases available at TradeCanvasPrints.

Engraved Bath Soaps

Although this item may have a short usage life, it adds a bit of class to your gift, and you can be sure that the newlyweds will be more than impressed with your choice. Not only can you get a variety of soap smells with this special engraving product, but you can also get different sizes too. You can even get a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ matching soaps!

Cutlery Holders

Every house needs something to hold cutlery, however instead of the usual kitchen draw tray, why not get the newlyweds something a little more creative and funky. Cutlery box holders, placed in their tidy worktop unit, are the latest craze to hit kitchens, and your newlyweds will be more than happy with you keeping them on top of the latest fashions. You’re looking to pay around £30 for a set of boxes, which hold knives, forks and spoons, however you can buy more for bigger knives and other utensils.


What better to brighten up a newlywed couple’s home than to get them a fruit tree or plant. Orange trees are a great way to bring some zest into your home, and keep the new couple healthy at the same time. Not only is it an alternative type of present, but it is one that the couple will remember.

David is a soon to be best man so he knows all too well about hunting for the right wedding gift.

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    A hand written note is nice with a check. That way the wedding couple may put it away for savings during times of need, or when thinking about purchasing a house or paying back student loans, or decorating the home. Most couples have a gift registry, so it no longer becomes a guessing game. However, your thoughtfulness is what counts.

  2. jiwhite says:

    All of these suggestions are terrible. I would never buy a large jar for someone without their aesthetic input, and don’t get a cutlery holder, expecting someone to put something on their counter that they didn’t pick out. Photo albums are out of date. Buy them a photo to digital service if they might be interested in a photo album. At best, bath soaps will end up in the guest bathroom for someone else to use. Plants die unless they are taken care of. Unless you they already love plants, you have talked to them about maintenance and have included installing irrigation for a plant, don’t just give someone a tree or plant. The vast majority of wedding couples have a wedding registry, usually with a variety of price points. Pick something off the list if you can or something in the same pattern.

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