Ten Top Tips For Enjoying a Frugal Summer

Ten Top Tips For Enjoying a Frugal SummerIf you want to save cash this summer then you should follow these simple tips. You’ll be able to have fun while spending less than you’d expect.


If there are a few activities you know you want to take part in this summer, why not see if you can get some money off using vouchers or money off codes. You can either sign up to sites to get details of local deals or you can be proactive in hunting for the vouchers on your own.

Free Events

Make the most of the free events in your area by compiling a list of what’s on and when. If you find yourself with some free time then you can head off to an event. This might be street magic, a band playing at a local pub, or an afternoon of kids entertainment at a local community centre.

Grow Your Own

Instead of spending money on fruit and vegetables that you could easily grow in your garden, start your own little vegetable patch. Tomatoes tend to be easy to grow but you could also try you hand at things such as strawberries, herbs and leafy vegetables like lettuce.

Even if you don’t harvest a huge amount, you still get to have the fun of nurturing a vegetable garden.

Buy Local

You can probably find a huge range of local, seasonal produce during the summer. Keep an eye out for deals at farm shops or for people selling their home-grown fruit and veg outside their homes.


A great way to enjoy the summer is to go for a walk. Make a regular thing of it, invite along family and friends or find a dog to walk. It’s a free and easy way to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine.

Bulk Buy

If you want to go to a theme park, for example, it’ll probably be cheaper if you can get in on a group ticket. Join forces with another family and get the reduced price ticket.

The same goes for food, if you’re going to be having a lot of BBQs this summer bulk buy your meat from the local butcher as they will be able to do you a deal for buying large quantities.

You can then store all the food in the freezer ready to be taken out ahead of any garden parties.

Water Fight!

A fun way to keep cool during the summer is with frequent water fights, this can work out a lot cheaper than spending day after day at a swimming pool.

Homemade Ice Lollies

If your kids have friends over during the summer you may find yourself with a gaggle of children all begging to go out for ice cream. Pre-empt them by making your own ice lollies. These can be done with fresh fruit, fruit juice or yoghurt. You can experiment with flavours or get the kids to help.

Rediscover Your City

We can get so used to a place that we rarely explore it. Take a day out and explore the place in which you live. You’re bound to find a beautiful new café or boutique, without even having to pay out for a city break elsewhere in the country!

Check Your Finances

You can do a summer clean of your finances by getting rid of any pointless expenses. Or you could perhaps sell annuity for cash.

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    Fabulous list! I especially like the “rediscover your city” idea. So many times we travel and play tourist in other places but totally forget that our area is probably a terrific destination vacation spot. Staycations are great fun!

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