Simple Ways to Restore a Healthy Skin

Simple Ways to Restore a Healthy SkinSkin shows off real beauty. It can reflect race, hygiene, lifestyle, personality and age. Dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, loose and sag skin are all imprints of aging. Aging is imminent but premature aging is not. A premature aging skin can be caused by genetics or personal lifestyle. Though we have little control of intrinsic aging, through modification of lifestyle and skin care practices, premature aging can be avoided and restoration of a healthy skin is achievable.

The first step toward getting a younger looking skin is a better and healthier lifestyle. By lifestyle we mean balanced diet, exercise and personal activities. An adage says “you are what you eat”. Choosing fruits and vegetables over burger and fries can prolong the health of your skin. While doing exercise regulate your blood flow, cigarette and alcohol free living promote a healthy and stress free life. Therefore, it is time to change your meal with green leafy vegetables that are high in antioxidants and Vitamin K, salmon and tuna instead of beef because of its Omega-3 fatty acids.

Just by avoiding the sun from 10Am-4PM is a great help in restoring your skin’s health. At this time period, the sun strikes hard at UV index 8-11, it will quickly burn your skin cells. If the sun can’t be avoided, you must apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30, it will protect you from damages brought by sun rays. If you don’t like to experience “Photo-aging” as early as 30, then always stay out of harmful light.

Another secret of healthy skin is getting a sufficient rest. However, not all of us got the chance to have it. A little or sleepless night can produce” eye bags”, dark circles and ugly face. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that an adult must have 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can increase chronic high levels of stress hormones that can cause inflammation, acceleration of aging and development of acne. People who sleep less than needed will look dull and dehydrated. Indeed, there is really such thing as beauty sleep.

Here’s one reason why you don’t need to smile all the time. Repetitive facial movement can lead to wrinkles. Why? Because a groove is formed beneath the skin surface every time a facial muscle is used. As we grow older the skin loses its elasticity, therefore, a temporary groove formation becomes permanent and it forms lines on the outer surface of the skin. So, don’t be too dramatic, don’t frown nor smile most of the time. Just maintain a calm face.

Mentioned above are really simple ones but we tend to neglect it. Guilty? The truth is you can’t restore a healthy skin overnight. You need to spend time and do these practices regularly until it becomes part of your system.

On the other hand, stuffs above can be further improved by adding a skin care regimen that can heal existing damage on the skin.

When some pigments are already seen on the face, you must use of skin cleanser/moisturizers. The skin is also a membrane; it gets damaged when there is a chemical reaction on it. Moisturizers are designed to combat the adverse effects of these chemical reactions that may be brought by dirt, toxic elements and other environmental hazards. On the other hand, if you can see that the skin looks loose and sag, any natural treatment may not do well except for a body wrap. It is also known as the ultimate body applicator. It is actually branded as an alternative to plastic surgery. When the skin has lost its elasticity, it will sag like those teens who are undergoing puberty, moms who have delivered a baby, men and women who developed large muscle increase or abruptly gained or lose weight. If that’s the case, the skin’s damage is intensified, therefore it needs urgent solutions.

The body wraps is a 45 minute application. You can apply it at your home by yourself. You just need to leave the wrap on for 45 minutes and see an immediate result afterwards. As it is made of active and natural ingredients, it has been proven to correct skin imperfections. It gives progressive results until you achieved your desired one. In a little time, you can see tighter, toner and firmer skin.

These simple ways to regain a healthy skin is simple yet tough to do regularly but you don’t have to resort to evasive medical operation, laser or plastic surgery. You have a chance; you just need to live a life in a healthier way. Protect your skin. Protect your beauty. Protect your life.

Jasmine is a full time writer at IW Body Wraps, a business which sells and distributes product that will help every individual to look good and feel good. She had been consistent in sharing information and ideas on how every individual can make the best out of them.

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  1. Brenda Siara says:

    Most people concentrate on weight-gain as seemingly the only consequence of poor dieting, leaving those with skin conditions to hop from one cosmetic product to the next. Unfortunately, the use of cosmetics is really just symptomatic treatment. We need to work from the inside out. A change in diet is truly the way to go.
    Thanks for sharing.

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