Natural Alternatives to Whey Protein

Natural Alternatives to Whey ProteinIt’s a fact that whey is widely used in most average income households of fitness and gym enthusiasts. And although it is easily available, it is much more expensive than consuming proteins via your daily meals. As the economy bites every consumer, many people have resorted to natural best ways to whey protein.

Legume Beans

Legumes are a good alternative to whey protein. These plants contain a well naturally balanced composition of protein. Legumes can be naturally grown in almost every type of climatic condition. It takes not more than 2 months to be ready. The beans can be served as a complimentary food with rice, chapati or even as a main course meal with milk. Other types of leguminous plants that can be a natural alternative to whey proteins are green peas and green grams.

Luna Fish

For those people who live alongside the coastal regions, this can be a costless alternative to whey protein. The Luna fish has high deposits of natural protein in its lungs and gills. You can get Luna fish by fishing in the shores of oceans and seas. You can also get fresh Luna fish by buying directly from fishermen in your locality. Luna fish can also the dried up and made into powder protein that can be found in many urban shops and supermarkets. This helps in preservation and can be transported to various parts of the globe without getting spoilt.

Duck Eggs

The duck eggs contain the white-colored fluid material around the york. This fluid can be fried or taken raw depending on the appetite and condition of the person. However, in most cases egg is supplemented with main course meal such as tea and rice. Duck eggs commonly form part of breakfast meals. These eggs are also recommended for patients in hospitals to help them recover quickly. This is because duck eggs helps in reproducing and replicating of red blood cells.

Cow’s Milk

The cow milk is the most widely used alternative to whey protein. It is readily available and comes in a plethora of forms ranging from fresh milk to processed UHT milk. Cow milk requires little digestion in the stomach hence is wholly absorbed in the digestive system. The fatty acids easily break the proteins into smaller lacto-based particles. Some people drink fresh raw milk directly from cow to get much of the natural protein. However, health specialist advice it is good to take boiled milk since boiling helps to remove excess proteins as well as germs.

Millet Products

Millet unlike the other cereal foods has high levels of proteins. The millet powder foods are available in shop shelves and in supermarkets. Millet products range from home baked millet cakes and steamed millet. The most common type of food made out of millet is millet porridge. It is very nutritious and can be taken by infants as well as grow-ups, not to forget the sick.

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