Keeping Guests Entertained at a Product Launch

Keeping Guests Entertained at a Product LaunchWhen you’re launching a new product, you might decide to hold an event in its honour to get people from the industry and potential customers interested in your product. To make sure people aren’t just turning up for the sake of a free event, you need to make the most of your captive audience by getting them interacting with your product. But how do you do this?

The key to product involvement and engagement is setting a structured night. Allowing your guests to mingle all night long doesn’t make it clear what the point of the event is, and means that people will tend not to spend the time finding out more about the product as you might hope. If there is free food and drink provided, it is likely that people will make a beeline for these, so make sure you have some ‘checkpoints’ through the evening to get people thinking about your products again.

Of course you will need to give a speech about your product to tell people a little bit about it. Keep it light-hearted and entertaining, and don’t let it go on for too long or you will notice people getting restless. A bit of background about the product and some information about how it came to be created and why you invited this particular group are the basic things to cover.

Another way you can get people interacting with your product is to host a fun piece of market research. Give each audience member a handheld audience response system and ask them to cast votes based on a range of questions about the product. For example, if you have a range of colours or designs available, ask people to vote for their favourite. Not only is this a fun novelty for the audience, it is also useful for you to see what the industry guests think of your product.

You should also encourage people to interact with the product in a hands-on way. Whether you provide free samples or a tester product for people to use, make sure everyone has the opportunity to see exactly how your product works and find out more about it. When people use your product, they will be able to form better opinions about it, and will be more likely to discuss that product in relation to the event. This should be the ultimate aim: for people to enjoy the event, which will ultimately raise their opinion of the associated product.

Edgar Thomas writes for a number of online publications about business presentation techniques and improving audience engagement.

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