How Towing Agencies Are Improving Customer Experience

How Towing Agencies Are Improving Customer ExperienceA towing service is one of the most customer oriented service businesses in the business to consumer playing field. People calling a towing service are often quite emotional as their car is stuck or they have a flat and no spare. Of course, they are on their way to a most important business meeting.

When this customer calls your shop, and you are out on a call, does the customer reach an answering machine or a human?

If you answered that they will get an answering machine, how comforting is that to the fellow stuck in Podunk? Not very. Answering machines may give a short message that you will return the call as soon as possible, but your client wants some reassurances that the returned call will happen soon and that you are actually open.

A small shop has little use for a full time receptionist. Counting the number and nature of calls over a short time period, perhaps two weeks will allow you to decide if you need a full time person for phone duty or one of the high tech towing answering services that can seamlessly integrate with your business.

High-Tech Towing Answering Services

  • Most towing companies need to have phone coverage 24/7 if they dispatch trucks after regular business hours. But, tow operators can and should demand more from their telephone answering service. A specialized towing answering service includes:
  • The most modern services will give you service guarantees such as notifying your driver within a certain time limit (minutes) of the location they need be at next
  • Communicating the estimated time of arrival to the customer
  • Provide credit or debit card authorization or check authorization to drivers
  • Your company mandates how messages are sent; SMS, email, pager etc
  • Operators are trained on your towing company’s rates, discounts and insurance and club arrangements
  • Modern services provide you with a toll free number for advertising. Whenever you need answering services you simply forward your phones to the answering service.

Of course the greatest benefit of a towing answering service is that of the live operator. As a seamless extension of your own staff the operator can offer reassurance to a customer. Tow truck customers can also receive status reports if there is a delay or if the truck will arrive sooner than expected. But most important of all, a human operator gives voice and personality to your company. At 2 AM your operator can offer empathy to the stranded motorist and reassurance that help is coming. Live phone operators are the zenith of customer service.

Additionally, by being able to promptly take credit card and check payments while the truck is still in the field lost charges become a memory. Drivers have their hands full on a wet slippery night. The last thing they need to deal with is getting a dozen tickets billed when they do come in. Moreover, your driver working with the live operator can easily check your client’s insurance status and agree on payment before the car is hooked up.

Take Away

Towing companies are an intensely service orientated business. Towing services that use an answering service on an as needed basis are in a position of providing the best possible customer service experience for requesting service.

Not only do towing answering service keep your company at the top end of customer service, there are important benefits to you as well.

Bryan Starr travels for Peak Answering and does speaking engagements at SEMA.
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