How To Keep Telephone Bills In Control While Traveling (Infographic)

How To Keep Telephone Bills In Control While TravelingOne thing that is common for most people in the world is that they all love to travel. The number of people who are traveling, be it for personal or business reasons is going up every year. The year 2012 set a record for the travel industry when the number of travelers crossed one billion mark for the first time.

Consider the following statistics. International tourism brought in total revenues of over $1.3 trillion in 2012.

At the current tariffs, this amount is equivalent to about 54,794 years worth of hotel stay, even if we consider the most expensive hotel in the world.

Americans and Canadians together accounted for about 93 million trips. Americans traveled about twice as much as Canadians and accounted for about 60.73 million trips. Out of the 32.27 million trips made by Canadians, 70% was to the United States. On the other hand, only half of the trips made by US citizens were within North America.

International travel is an expensive proposition:

International travel usually comes with a high price tag, and that is not restricted to just airfares and hotel stays. There are many other things to be taken care of like out-of-pocket expenses, local journeys, visa costs, medical insurance and so on. However, what most people overlook is the cost of staying in touch with people back in their own country.

With the popularity of cellular phones, we got freedom from public telephone booths and expensive hotel telephones. Cellphones have also made it convenient for us to keep in touch and most of us have gotten used to it. The problem is that when it comes to international travel, this convenience comes at a frightening tariff.

Cost implications of making a call back to your own country:

International roaming is an excellent option when an emergency call has to be made. However, international roaming tariffs are so stiff that people dread to use the service for anything other than urgent situations. Take a look at what the tariffs are like.

On an average, cost of calling your home country from your phone while roaming is about $7.79 for three minutes. This means that in about 21 minutes of usage, you have spent more than an average monthly bill. If you do not use discretion, these costs can add up to a formidable amount. Consider this, in June 2013, a Canadian woman discovered that she owed her telephone company CAD 23000 due to roaming charges.

Data usage is also equally expensive while roaming, with average prices ranging between $6 and $10 per MB. One solution to avoid high telephone bills while traveling is to use prepaid cards. However, they suffer from several disadvantages.

Disadvantages of prepaid phone cards:

  1. Prepaid cards are not the cheapest options. Calls to Canada can cost up to 3.9 cents per minute and to the US, it can go up to 3.2 cents a minute.
  2. You    may not have a card with you when you need to make an essential call, and it may not be convenient to go looking for one.
  3. lf you run out of talk time during a call, it will get disconnected. This can be irritating when you are in an essential call.
  4. About 10% of prepaid cards do not work. If you are faced with this situation, you have a double problem. First, you have spent money for nothing, and if you do not have another card, you can not make the call until you get another one.
  5. Most prepaid cards cost at least $2. You have to spend more than an average cup of coffee even if your intended conversation is very brief.

Internet calling services – The best solution for making phone calls while traveling:

Internet calling services provide the best solutions for keeping your telephone bills low while traveling. Internet access is easily available in most hotels at a reasonable cost. Many hotels including a majority of European hotels are offering free Wi-Fi access to their guests.

If you have free or cheap internet access, you can use KNCTR to make free calls to the US and Canada using your notebook computer. Install KNCTR and make unlimited free calls to any mobile or landline number in the US or Canada for free. With this service, phone bills can be kept low even while traveling internationally.

How To Keep Telephone Bills In Control While Traveling (Infographic)

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