How To Choose a Tumble Dryer

How To Choose a Tumble DryerWhen faced with the wide variety of tumble dryers on the market, it can feel a little overwhelming to say the least. Energy efficiency, spin cycle, reverse spin – all these terms need to be understood in order to choose the right machine. Read on for a few helpful tips on choosing a tumble dryer.

Special Features

You may wish to choose a machine which offers a reverse tumble feature. This keeps clothes separated and enables garments to dry quicker. Some machines offer a crease care feature, which means after the programme has ended the dryer will still spin occasionally, to prevent clothes from being creased.


If you are short of space, consider purchasing a dryer which can be stacked on top of your washing machine. Alternatively, why not consider purchasing a washer dryer instead of a separate tumble dryer? These machines enable you to dry up to half a full load of washing at a time. Such a solution may be ideal for smaller households or if you plan to hang out most of your clothes to dry but require a dryer for special occasions, or emergencies!

Vented or Condenser?

The big choice to make when shopping for a tumble dryer is whether to have a vented or a condenser tumble dryer.

A vented tumble dryer discharges damp air outside, via a hose. This prevents condensation. The options are either to hang the hose out of a window or to have a permanent vent fitted. This type of tumble dryer is cheaper than a condenser. It also uses less energy. However, it will require you to fit the dryer near a window or an outside wall.

A condenser tumble dryer removes the moisture from the moist air by separating it into a container. The container can then be emptied after drying. In some instances it may be possible for this water to be pumped out via the plumbing attached to the washing machine. The advantage to using a condenser dryer is that it can be placed in any room in the house, regardless of whether or not there is a window or the room is close to an outside wall.


Consider the running times involved. You may wish to purchase a tumble dryer with the option to run a ‘Quick Dry’ programme. This may cost a little more, but will be invaluable if you have children or a busy work schedule to attend to. Some machines may give you the option to run the programme late at night, thus saving money on reduced energy tariffs. Others will sense when clothes have dried and turn off the heater, which will again save you money. Likewise, choosing an energy efficient model should save you money on running costs. All machines are given a grading of A to G in terms of drying performance and energy efficiency.
Hopefully this guide will help you to choose the perfect tumble dryer to suit your needs. Happy hunting!

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