Do Diet Shakes Really Work?

Do Diet Shakes Really Work?This has to be one of the most asked questions on the internet regarding weight loss right? Do diet shakes actually work or is it all a big con?

Well today I am going to talk to you about my experiences with two of the markets most recognised diet shakes, give my review on them and suggest to you which diet shakes work, and which do not.

Shake That Weight

I purchased an 84 Shake Pack – (4 Week Supply) from the Shake That Weight site and was immediately impressed. Not only did the shakes taste great but they actually filled me up just like a normal meal would have. I was heading on holiday in a few weeks so I thought using low calorie diet shakes would help trim off those excess pounds and boy was I right.

The 84 shake pack worked out great for helping me reach my deadline and helped me shift that unwanted weight with ease. The best thing about the Shake That Weight products is that they tell you how long each product will last. If you are like me and love everything to be organised down to a tee, then you will appreciate this detail.


Overall I was very happy with the Shake That Weight products as they were tasty, arrived quickly after I ordered them and most importantly they did exactly what they promised, they helped me lose weight! What more could you ask for when purchasing a low calorie diet shake?

Slim Fast

Slim Fast is arguably one of the most well-known brands in the weight loss world. They are well recognised for their shakes so I thought they would be the holy grail of low calorie diet shakes, sadly I was wrong. I purchased the Slim Fast shakes when I needed to lose a bit of weight that I had put on over the festive period and I thought it would be simple. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only were the shakes foul tasting, but they didn’t mix well either. Lumpy milkshake anyone? No thank you!

As an industry revered brand I thought my money was safe with Slim Fast but that wasn’t the case. I regretted my purchase almost instantly. After struggling to drink their clumpy shakes on a daily basis I began notice that I hadn’t lost much weight. Sure I lost the odd pound here or there, but it felt like it was taking forever. It certainly felt a lot longer than when I purchased from Shake That Weight anyway.


To say I was dissatisfied with the Slim Fast product was an understatement. The shakes were uneven in mixture and didn’t taste great at all. More to the point, the entire reason I used them was to lose weight fast and unlike the name says, the last thing I did was become slim fast.


Yes, most low calorie diet shakes work. However, there is a lot of choice on the market and not all of them, even some of the most respected shakes, actually work. The Slim Fast shakes weren’t my cup of tea by any stretch and I would have to say, if you are looking to lose weight fast, I would choose Shake That Weight every day of the week.

David is a health and fitness fan who enjoys spending his spare time in the gym.

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