Creative and Custom Bathroom Updates with Glass

Creative and Custom Bathroom Updates with GlassWhen you are ready to update or customize your home, it’s no secret that bathrooms are one of the places to get the biggest “wow” factor (and the biggest bang for your buck). And in terms of bathroom updates, nothing says “custom” quite like a beautiful piece of glass.

But long gone are the days when the best glass you could find was attached to your wall as your vanity mirror! Nope – these days you can work glass, in one of its many manifestations, into your countertops, backsplashes, shower surrounds and even cabinet hardware.

The best part is that glass has the unique ability to be taste-specific and tasteful all at the same time!

With those goals in mind, here is a suggestion for incorporating a custom glass showpiece into your next bathroom remodel – a frameless shower.

Focus on a Frameless Shower

When you want to make your shower the focal point of your bathroom, the easiest way to do that is by replacing your dated shower set-up with a frameless glass enclosure.

More durable than their aluminum-framed predecessors (that are always getting gunky in the crevasses and detaching from the rails) consisting of thin glass panels secured to flimsy hangers with glue, frameless showers are constructed out of thick tempered glass with stainless steel metal hardware that creates a smooth, uninterrupted, clean and modern look to your bathroom.

And speaking of modern, nothing says up-to-date luxury like a heavy glass door (as opposed to a rattling shower door that is dangling for dear life) similar to what you might find in a world-class spa resort. Indeed, the less bulky your shower is made with framed hardware, the more exposed glass surfaces there are to catch the light, the brighter and larger your entire bathroom seems. Even though you haven’t done any structural demo, you have just amplified the size of your room and increased your home’s value in one fell swoop!

Another great reason to go frameless is the flexibility it offers. For example, you don’t even need a full enclosure – with a frameless set-up, you can leave the back half of the shower open to create a walk-in stall that is suitable for even the swankiest of spas!

When you are not boxed in by a pre-fab glass box, you are able to fully customize your glass type and size, height, width, and hardware details around your shower area’s specifications.

Benefits to Going Frameless

*More Environmentally Friendly: Shower glass is more eco-friendly than shower curtains. Think about it – when you only have a piece of glass to wipe down rather than vinyl liners to rip out and replace every so often, you have less waste that will end up sitting at the bottom of a landfill.

Not only that, but PVC plastic contains carcinogens that harm the ozone layer and pollutes the air you breathe while showering.

Finally, glass is 100% recyclable so when you are ready for another update (which will be a lot later than with curtains!), you can turn your shower into a beautiful countertop with recycled glass!

*Highlights other Updates: And while we’re on the subject of other improvements, frameless glass showers allow your awesome custom tile work to shine through and get the recognition and appreciation it deserves.

In addition to a frameless shower enclosure, what are some other ways you have seen people modernize their bathrooms with custom glass incorporations?

Shahab Shokouhi
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    That is one huge bathroom. I do love glass. Now to save, save, save in order to afford an update.

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