Considering a Windows Phone – Check Out These Nokias

Considering a Windows Phone – Check Out These NokiasNokia was once the biggest mobile phone manufacturer on the planet and the envy of its rivals. But when the iPhone arrived and altered the market for good, it left the Finnish manufacturer with little choice but to ditch its old smartphone operating system in favour of something that could compete with modern alternatives.

The platform it chose was the Windows Phone from Microsoft and it got to work on producing the first phones in the Lumia range.

Things have continued to move forwards for Nokia and the second generation of its Windows Phone devices are even more successful than the first. So if you are going to sell Nokia Lumia 800 handsets and upgrade to a newer model, there are plenty of options available.

Nokia Lumia 520

The Lumia 520 is arguably the best budget smartphone on the market because it manages to offer some impressive features without being prohibitively expensive.

It has a dual core processor, four inch display and five megapixel camera. It also comes with a range of different colour exteriors, which means you can pick the one that suits your personality and taste.

Windows Phone 8 is onboardand this platform runs consistently across all of Nokia’s modern smartphones – something which cannot be said of the more skittish performance of Android on low price handsets.

Nokia Lumia 925

At the other end of the scale is the Lumia 925. This is Nokia’s latest high-end Windows Phone 8 device and it has made a real impression since its recent launch.

What makes the Lumia 925 so appealing is its design, because it has a very thin chassis measuring just 8.5mm thick. It is slender and lighter than the preceding Lumia 920 and still manages to pack in almost exactly the same hardware components.

Its 8.7 megapixel PureView camera is another nice feature, since it offers excellent performance even in poor lighting conditions and comes with a twin LED flash.

Future Developments

The next big thing for Nokia (and currently the source of many industry rumours) is a high end camera phone that sports the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Nokia’s 808 PureView handset made its first appearance last year, but was compromised to a degree because it ran the outdated Symbian software. Now its 41 megapixel camera technology is expected to make its way into a brand new Windows-oriented device in 2013 called the EOS.

This will likely share the same slender chassis as the Lumia 925, albeit with a bit of a bigger bulge where the camera is equipped.

Nokia rival Samsung has now revealed the Galaxy S4 Camera, suggesting that consumers are once again looking for handsets that put photography at the top of the agenda, so the EOS might be a big seller.

Nokia has put all of its eggs in one basket with its embracement of the Windows Phone ecosystem, but it seems that the gamble is paying dividends for both the manufacturer and its loyal fans. At the moment no other firm offers as diverse an array of Windows-powered smartphones.

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