Coffee: How to Brew A Cup Without Heating it Up

Coffee: How to Brew A Cup Without Heating it UpWhen you are creating your emergency food storage, it is important to start with the essentials and build up a supply of basics from which you can survive in the event of an emergency.

However, that does not mean that you cannot include the odd treat for yourself in the process. Java is something that many people cannot live without, and as a bonus, coffee beans happen to last for a long period of time when stored.

The interesting thing about cold brew though, is that it is actually a good drink on its own. Don’t think of your regular cup of coffee, cooled down, don’t even think of those iced coffees that you find at coffee shops and cafes.

Cold brewed coffee has many benefits that cause people to make it even when it is not out of necessity. Brewing it cold is said to take out some of the acidity that occurs when brewing it the regular way.

How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee

What You Need:

  • ground coffee beans
  • water
  • a container
  • a filter

Method: You might see the above ingredients and fear that something is missing, but it’s not. It really is as simple as making a regular coffee. Although, it is likely to take you a bit longer. Different recipes call for different quantities of each item, and a lot depends on how strong you like your cold-brewed joe. However, keep in mind that it will come out with a slightly weaker taste than regular coffee. You may want to use a higher percentage of coffee than you might normally. For a good starting point, try ½ lb of fresh grounds with nine cups of water. Stir it well, and leave it in a container to brew for at least 12 hours—so overnight can be perfect. After this period of time, pour your coffee through a filter, and it is ready to drink! It really is that simple.

Tip: if you want your cold-brewed java to taste like it does in the coffee shops, try pouring it into a glass of ice. If you want to make this easy process even easier, you can purchase a coffee Toddy that will do everything for you. Although, with a process as easy as this one, you really do not need to buy an expensive tool to help you out.

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  1. I recently read an article in one of my cooking magazines that talks about this very subject. I am going to try this to see if it makes a better iced coffee. I have also started freezing the coffee in ice cube trays to use in my iced coffee as it helps keep the coffee less watered down.

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