5 Things You Must Not Forget On Your Next Family Road Trip

5 Things You Must Not Forget On Your Next Family Road TripFamily road-trips are a rite of passage, whether going on holiday or visiting friends and family on the other side of the country.

Sometimes you can be on the road for several hundred kilometres for days on end, which means that careful planning is essential so that the whole family arrives at their destination happy and fresh.

Here are some handy pieces of advice for families planning to hit the road – don’t leave home without them!

  • Check The Weather Before You Go.

Along with the terrain and the condition of your vehicle, the weather is one of the most important factors in the success or otherwise of a road trip. If hot weather is forecast, ensure you bring plenty of bottled water along to keep everyone well-hydrated, and make sure the air-conditioning is in good working-order. Sun-screens for the windows are a really good idea, especially when you’re parked up for a while, because no-one enjoys getting back into a hot car. If it’s going to be cold, have a blanket to spread over the kids when they sleep.

  • Prevent Boredom.

It’s essential to bring loads of games and snacks to keep the kids happy on the way. The last thing you want is hours of back-seat arguments distracting you from the road. Travel board-games; books if they don’t get car-sick; electronic games and playlists of their favourite music are all must-haves. Even simple games like I-Spy or Twenty Questions can keep them amused for some time, especially if you reward them with lollies now and again.

  • Burn Off Energy.

Whenever you make a stop for toilets, petrol or meals, if there is a grassy area nearby add a little time for the kids to run around a bit and let off some steam. Hopefully they’ll doze off shortly afterwards and you can put on some “Mum and Dad music” instead!

  • Get The Car Checked Out.

Can’t over-emphasise this point. Don’t risk having a breakdown or flat tire in the middle of nowhere. If you’re embarking on a long journey it pays to have a mechanic look your vehicle over to ensure everything is in good working order. Check that the spare tire and jack are there. And make sure you have good insurance too, which will cover any emergency repairs or a tow-truck if needed. You can find the best site to compare car insurance with a simple web search.

  • Accommodation.

If you’re overnighting along the way, and have the kids with you, then it’s definitely good sense to book your accommodation before you go instead of risking it. You don’t want to end up staying in some grotty motel or a really over-priced hotel, or worse sleeping in the car, because you forgot to check if the place you were going had rooms available. If you’re going cross-country and it’s a warm time of year then camping is a great option – you can buy tents now that fold up really small and take no time to put up. It adds an extra bit of excitement for the kids too.

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