Why Superior Parts Matter When It Comes To Restaurant Equipment

Why Superior Parts Matter When It Comes To Restaurant EquipmentAttention to detail is of paramount importance when it comes to excelling in the restaurant business. This is extremely apparent when selecting equipment for use in a restaurant or commercial kitchen. A perfect example of a brand dedicating itself to detailed excellence is Blodgett. The Blodgett name has become synonymous with quality in commercial oven parts over the last 160 years.

Gardner Spring Blodgett founded the company in Vermont in 1848 and since then Blodgett has grown to become one of the foremost brands in restaurant equipment. If you pay attention to the ovens you see at restaurants you frequent, you’re sure to see the Blodgett name time and again. Their durability, reliability and time-tested commitment to quality have made Blodgett not just a well-known brand but a well-respected one. This company’s groundbreaking designs help to save time, money and manpower.

Low Maintenance

A Blodgett oven is not a purchase you’ll likely make twice unless you’re expanding your kitchen. These ovens are built to last for a lifetime and they have the history to prove it. The ovens have an angle-iron frame built to retain its structural integrity throughout decades of heavy use. Should you need to replace any Blodgett oven parts, even that is designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. The motor is easily accessible from the front of their ovens to make maintenance a simple matter. Additionally, Blodgett doesn’t use proprietary chemicals. So instead of having to order a specific product from their line, you can purchase any cleaning agents for your Blodgett oven that are up to industry standards.

Cost Effective

Blodgett ovens cut are built with large drains and a semi-automatic de-liming process enabling you to save the time and money you would otherwise have to spend on having your oven serviced. The dual pane thermal glass and solid fiber insulation used in these ovens help to prevent heat loss, conserving energy as well. Some restaurateurs have found that cooking in a Blodgett oven even cuts down on the need for butter and oil. The ovens are designed to produce better tasting food while allowing you to cut down on supplies. Blodgett knows that time is money in a commercial kitchen and their ovens are built to accommodate more pans and cook food faster, thus increasing the production value of your time.

Innovation for Efficiency

Gardner Blodgett launched his business in Vermont after successfully designing an improved wood-burning oven for a local tavern. The Blodgett brand has continued on in this spirit finding innovative ways to improve the efficiency with which commercial kitchens operate. Today, Blodgett turns it’s creativity to such endeavors as creating more economically friendly ovens. Blodgett gas ovens can accommodate low BTU input without jeopardizing your end result and their combi ovens use less water than almost any combi model on the market. Blodgett’s combi ovens also have a two-step door latch which protects you from hot steam that could escape the oven. The pass-through models allow the oven to be accessed from both the front and back to allow for an even more efficient workflow.

The Blodgett name is built on a solid foundation of long-lasting, high performance ovens that cater to the needs of today’s commercial kitchen. Blodgett oven parts are easy to replace, easy to operate and are constantly being improved upon. Few ovens can offer the lifetime of reliable service that a Blodgett can provide you while improving your bottom line.

Patty Ballard is currently a Restaurant Events Coordinator and has owned a restaurant franchise of her own.

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